Monday, August 24, 2015

While we were gone

While Jason and I were away on our trip, my mom was at our home taking care of our girls. Our nephew Ezra stayed with her too, so it was my mom taking care of three kids three and under! She is amazing. They loved spending time with her, and she took such good care of them while we were gone.

We tried to google chat with them every day (sometimes it ended up being every other day), and in the meantime, my mom did tons of fun stuff with them. My stepdad Stefan and sister Sydney came towards the end of the two weeks and stayed and helped as well. Here are some of the pictures my mom took while we were gone:

They did arts and crafts:

Going on walks: 

Playing at home:

Brushing teeth together:


Whatever this is:

Eating popsicles:

Playing with kinetic sand:

All watching a movie:

Rolling in the stroller (this video cracks me up):

Ezra turned 2 while we were in Spain. They had a birthday party for him:

Going to the kids' museum:

These pictures are from after we got home from the trip:

Here are Zelda and Ezra playing "jump rope." They each took an end of the jump rope and waved it around like crazy, and hopped up and down.

And here is Ezra wearing the "gypsy baby pants" that Alyse got for him. After she put them on him he hiked them up as far as they would go up his belly.

Our girls and Ezra had such a wonderful time with my mom, and they still talk about her everyday and tell me that they want to go to her house (or for her to come over) and to play with her. They can't wait for the next time until they see her. (Zelda has told me, "I miss Ezza," too. They were really something together. She gets excited when she sees a picture of "Ezza.")

My mom wrote down some of the funny things the kids said while she was there:

Grandma: "What are you making, Ezra?"
Ezra: "Messes."

Ellie: "The dinosaurs are sad because they miss their mudder and their dadder."

Sydney: "Ellie, did you wet your pants?"
Ellie: "No. Uh, the toilet just squirted."

Ezra: "I tan did it." ('I can get it.' - he was referring to a sticker)

Ellie: "This one is 'She'll be riding on the mountain when she comes' - just like the song."

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