Friday, August 14, 2015

Spain Day 8: Seville and Traveling

On August 2 we woke up, had breakfast, and decided to squeeze in a hop-on hop-off bus tour before we had to leave for the airport.

We got off on one of the very first stops to visit the Plaza de España again, and this time we rode the boats. They were so fun! We rowed them to about halfway around the semi-circle. Dad kept starting water fights. It was great.

Once we finished with the boats, we went back to our bus tour. Banks had left his backpack on the bus we had been on earlier, but we were able to talk to the bus company, who found it and told us we could pick it up at the stop we had first gotten on. (And we did, so it all worked out). The bus took us all around Seville. My favorite things were all the buildings they had built for different countries for the Exposition of 1929.

"The Golden Tower"/where our bus tour started from
the Basilica de la Macarena
Walking back to our hotel after the bus tour
One last picture of our hotel in Seville; this was the inside courtyard

After our bus tour we ate lunch, packed up, and headed for the airport. We got there at 2 pm, and our flight was scheduled to leave at 3:50. But once we got through security and found our gate, we just waited and waited and waited.

Luckily Max was small enough to carry on the plane.
He and Saya played peekaboo together. :)

There were lots of people waiting there too, but no attendant at the desk and our scheduled boarding time came and went. Then our departure came and went, with no announcement and still no employee at the gate. Finally, an hour after our original departure time, the board for our flight changed to say “delayed,” just as we saw our airplane pulling up to our gate. After all the people got off that flight, an attendant finally arrived at our gate and let us all on.

Once we arrived in Barcelona we encountered a new problem. At the baggage claim, all of our checked baggage arrived except for Banks and Nan’s stroller, which was supposed to be on the “special sized” baggage claim. It wasn’t. After waiting a half hour to talk to customer service and giving up because the line was so long, we left for our hotel.

In Barcelona we stayed at the Hotel Arts, and it was awesome. The staff were amazing. Apparently this hotel is where one of the big hospitality schools in Switzerland sends their interns, and they were all so enthusiastic and helpful. In addition, they upgraded my dad’s room for free to a giant suite that was amazing. We all hung out there every night and it was so fun. He was way up on the 36th floor, and in addition to his huge room (that would more accurately be called a condo), he had awesome views of the city of Barcelona and of the beach.

His living room
Alyse took way more awesome pictures of Dad's room than I did, so when she posts them on her blog I'll link to them here. Here are some of the views from his room:

Saya hanging out in Grandpa's room

Since we had been delayed at the airport (both leaving Seville and arriving in Barcelona), we didn’t have much time to go explore the city that night. But we did go down and have dinner at a restaurant in the port. We ordered a couple different tapas, and I ordered cuttlefish not really knowing what they were. Um, google cuttlefish. Whoops! They gave us a basket of like fifty little fried cuttlefishes (whole). Not what I meant to eat for dinner! Max liked them the most out of everybody. One thing I loved at the restaurant was the smoothie I got; it was raspberry-orange and it was delicious. I could have had ten of those and been happy.

Checking out the hotel pool before dinner.
Our hotel is the big one on the left.

After dinner, we went to my dad’s room to play cards. We all hung out for a long time (without playing cards), and then decided we were too tired that night and retired to our rooms (and my dad to his mansion, haha).

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