Thursday, August 13, 2015

Day 7: Full day in Seville

August 1 - The first thing we did on Saturday morning was eat breakfast at our hotel. Since our hotel is grand, the breakfast was grand. There were so many yummy things and I loaded up two plates to bring back to the table.

One thing they’ve had at every hotel breakfast and that has been very good at several of our hotels is chocolate donuts. They have really yummy chocolate donuts. I had one of those again, and several drinkable yogurts, and an omelet, and tried a bunch of Andalusian cookies and sweets. One of the flavors they like here in Andalusia is fennel (that black licorice flavor), which we’ve seen growing in the fields and which several of the cookies tasted like. It was interesting.

After breakfast we walked the streets of the Barrio Santa Cruz again and visited the Alcazar of Seville. It was so cool!

The first building we saw was definitely the oldest one; it was built first by the moors in the 1100s and then rebuilt by Peter the 1st a couple hundred years later. It had some really cool tiling. From there we went out to the gardens. Max found a fish pond to play in, and Banks and Nan stayed with him while the rest of us walked around.

We met up by this hydraulic water organ. From there we walked up to another pond with huge fish in it and a water spout that sprayed water into the pond from the second story. Past that we walked up the staircase onto the top of a wall that led back into the gardens, and we were able to walk on the wall to just above the hydraulic water organ and listen to it play a song at noon.

After we finished with the wall we walked through the next building at the Alcazar, which seemed slightly newer and was more open and bright.

After we saw all of the Alcazar we took a break for a little food. From there we went to the Catedral de Sevilla, which was HUGE inside. And they had a treasure room! With legit treasure. Giant, intricate things made out of real gold and silver.

From the treasure room we went to the tower, and climbed (and climbed and climbed and climbed) up 35 ramps to get to the belfry. Giralda Tower was built by the Moors in the 1100s, then taken over by the Catholics a while later, who added the belfry in the 1500s. It was awesome to see the city from so high up. I loved the tower; I loved being so high up.

We walked down from the tower and out of the Cathedral through a courtyard full of orange trees, and from there we walked back towards the hotel. We stopped at Haagen Daaz for some ice cream, and were surprised to find it was kind of a sit-down place with super deluxe ice creams. I got a deluxe hot chocolate thing that was really good, and everyone else got cool ice creams too. After we finished our ice cream we walked across the street to our hotel.

Now, after seven days of being in Spain we all had a lot of dirty clothes. So we collected everybody’s dirty laundry and loaded it into backpacks and laundry bags, and Alyse, Jason, and I took a taxi to a laundromat a few neighborhoods away. It was a great little laundromat. We were the only ones there, and we were able to load everybody’s clothes into the three machines.

After we chose the programs and got it going (that was fun, too), Alyse stayed with the clothes and Jason and I walked to the grocery store a couple blocks away. We got some different kinds of chocolates to try out, and came back. On our walk back we passed this cute playground Ellie and Zelda would have liked, and we saw these toys that were like giant electric hamsters that little kids could ride around. Ellie would have loved them, and I wished she was there to ride them.

After we came back with everybody’s laundry (all nice and folded, thanks to Alyse’s initiative), we walked from our hotel to the Plaza de España. It was evening, and nice, and the Plaza was amaaazing. It’s this big, beautiful building built in a semi-circle, and the plaza in front of it has a little river and bridges and boats and it’s just awesome.

From the Plaza we walked back towards the big Cathedral we had visited earlier, and found a place where we could eat tapas and watch a flamenco show at the same time. The flamenco show was awesome! Way better than I was expecting. I was expecting a woman to get up and kind of move her hands and feet around. Nope! We had a male guitarist, a female singer, and a male dancer, and the guitarist would play and they would all sing and make a rhythm by clapping their hands, and the dancer would get up and dance what was basically fast tap-dancing improv. He was so good! And it was awesome, and really fun to watch.

We got ice cream on our way home, and called it a night.

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  1. Amazing! I love all of your dresses and your pictures too!


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