Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Day 12: Last day in Barcelona and traveling to Lisbon

On Thursday (August 6) we started our day off by going to the Museu Picasso and shopping around in the gothic quarter. The Museu Picasso focused on Picasso’s formative years and also had some of his later works, and confirmed my opinion on him: He might have had some talent, but he was a gross dirty man and I don’t like him.

On the way to the Picasso museum, Dad's taxi driver recommended going to the chocolate museum that was right around the corner, and we were all over that. So after we finished at the Museu Picasso we headed over there. It was fun! Our tickets that got us in were actually chocolate bars, and we could eat them once we got inside. They had lots of sculptures made out of chocolate, and a lot of informative displays about the origins of chocolate being used for food in the Americas and its introduction to Europe.

Our ticket!
"La Pieta" in chocolate
Just outside the museum

After shopping for a little bit in the gothic quarter, we came back to our hotel. Jason and I ran across the road with Alyse to show her the little park with the fun see-saw thing.

This funny statue thing was just across the street from our hotel
The super fun see-saw thing!

On our way back to the hotel, we ran into Dad and Tanner who had picked up a couple more pizzas for lunch. We went up to dad’s room with them, running into Banks and his kids getting on the elevator. So we all went up the elevator together, having all run into each other all going up separately.

We had a pizza lunch in Dad’s room and then checked out of the hotel and took taxis to the airport. We were flying to Lisbon, and all went smoothly this time.

Max rode on my dad's suitcase all the way through the airport

When we got to Lisbon we took taxis to our hotel. We stayed at the Olissippo Lapa Palace, and it was really cool. All of our rooms were super fancy; me and Jason’s felt like it was some fancy, delicate room from the 1800s or something.

Our room had a door connecting us to the room next door, which originally was Banks and Nan’s. They had this cool, huge, private balcony. It was really awesome, but it definitely wasn’t safe for children. The posts on the railing were really far apart and Max could easily fit through them. And if he fell, it was a fifteen foot drop to concrete. On top of that, he could quietly open the door out to the door to the balcony so no one heard him go out there, and there was no child lock to stop him from doing so. So, Banks and Nan switched rooms with my dad so that Max would be safe.

Views from my dad's balcony:

As soon as we arrived we went swimming in the hotel pool. It was big and in a pretty garden, and there were only a few other people out there. It was super fun.

After the pool, we changed back into regular clothes and went out for dinner. The concierge at the hotel had made reservations for us at a place just around the corner, and it was amazing!

It was a tiny little place run just by two people (a man and a woman; she was the chef and he was the waiter) and it was so cute and the food tasted so good. It was a very small place; there was our table, two tables with one man at one and two people at the other, and another table with a group about as big as ours that also had kids. We were glad there were more kids there; it made the place lively and Max played with them outside when he and they were done eating.

After we ate our super yummy dinners we walked the block back to our hotel and went up to bed.

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