Friday, July 24, 2015

Last week of school - Captain's Log, Week 274

What the girls said this week

The girls were watching "Penguins of Madagascar."
Ellie: "I want to watch a different show. The penguin show is scary."
Jason: "Okay, we can watch a different show."
Ellie: "I want to watch the zombies."

(Just to clarify, the zombies she's referring to are from a video game she and Jason play together called "Terraria." It's a lot like Minecraft, and the zombies aren't scary at all. Which is why she considered them less scary than the penguin movie.)

What we did this week

Well, we're about to leave for Spain. Tomorrow. And that's crazy. Absolutely crazy.

My mom is here to watch our girls and our nephew Ezra, which we are so glad about.  Jason and I are really sad, though, to leave the girls for two weeks. Every time we think about it we just get depressed. I think it'll be better after we've talked to them the first time on google chat, and we can see them happy with Grandma.

Speaking of, Ellie has figured out how to take pictures with our phone and text them to people. Here are a couple she's taken and texted to Jason or me this week:

On Saturday I got my hair trimmed while Jason took the girls to park close to the haircutting place. It was a really great playground and I wish it was closer to us.

Afterwards, we went to the farmer's market, and then went to another park. 

Funny Zelda:

On Tuesday Jason had his last day of school.

That evening right before the girls' bedtime we had popsicles outside with our neighbors. We chatted with Lacrecia while Kai gave Zelda cuddles.

On Wednesday morning Jason spotted a female deer and her baby out in the backyard:

Later that morning we went to pick my mom up from the airport. Since we got there a couple minutes early, we went to this "Observation Park" that Jason discovered the last time he was here. It was really cool! It has this observation deck (in the back of the picture) where you could sit on benches and watch little planes land on the runways. 

Along the rail of the observation deck, it had all these informational plaques about different kinds of airplanes.

The playground at the park had some mini runways for kids to run down (so cute!) and a little jungle gym.

After we got home that day Jason and Zelda were in the backyard and they found a snake. We googled it and figured out it was a rat snake, which isn't poisonous. So we picked it up, and it was a really nice snake! We brought it back to the house to show it to Ellie and Kai.

And this video is the best. Listen for Zelda at just after the 45 second mark. She yells, "Yay! A snake!" And then pretends to scream.

Alyse and Tanner and Ezra got here yesterday, and today we did lots of pre-travel stuff. Which is why this Captain's Log is so brief, because we've been doing so much stuff and now I've really got to go to sleep!


  1. Jocelyn, you are crazy brave (as in crazy, and brave). You are so funny. I noticed Jason was staying in the background filming. That's my boy! Smart. You guys are awesome.


  2. Love your girls watching TV in their strollers. LOL! And poisonous or not, I never would've touched that snake. You're girls are lucky you are adventurous;)


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