Saturday, July 18, 2015

Jason's Birthday - Captain's Log, Week 273

I cannot believe that it is one week until we leave for Spain. After it feeling so far away for such a long time, all of the sudden it's speeding towards us!

This week was great. Last Saturday we went to Jordan Lake with some of our friends. It was perfect weather and super fun; we swam in the swimming area and played with lots of mud, and took a canoe across the lake where we got to see an eagle's nest with baby eagles in it.

Ellie throwing mud:

Zelda hanging out with Benjamin:

 Jason and the kids:

The next day, Sunday, was Jason's birthday.  The girls made him cards in the morning (which you can see here), and then we had Jason's birthday dinner later in the day, complete with German chocolate cake.

Ellie decided to use the caramel to paint tiger stripes on her arms:

We had a lot of rain and thunderstorms earlier this week. We just got the girls some raincoats and they were excited to wear them. Zelda didn't want to take hers off, even when they were back inside the house.

Lately Ellie's been pulling lots of beetles off of our crepe myrtle bush. They really like that bush for some reason.

"Mom, take a picture of this bug!"

(Ellie is watching me type up this Captain's Log, and right now she's saying, "Mom, what's this one called? Ellie and the beetle. Mom, write 'Ellie and the beetle.'")

Finally, while downloading pictures from both cameras on Thursday, I found these couple from earlier this month that Ellie took of Zelda: 

Another funny thing from this week: We got a new webcam, and Ellie calls it the "eyeball" and wants to play with the "eyeball" all the time. One time she wanted to play with it while Jason was at school, but I couldn't get it to work. "I'm sorry Ellie, I don't know how to turn it on," I told her. She thought about this for a second, and then told me, "Ask google."

Also, Ellie says she has mice in her stomach. She's said that for a while, but I just remembered to write it down right now. They squeak when she's hungry, according to her.

Oh, and I finished Don Quixote!!! I feel very accomplished. Of course, now I need to read Volume 2 (which was published ten years later). But I feel that much more prepared for Spain. 

That's all for now! Lots coming up this week, with Jason's last finals on Monday and Tuesday, my mom coming into town on Wednesday, and my sister and her family coming into town on Thursday!

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  1. Haha I love the ask google story!!! I'm so excited for you about Spain! Looking forward to hearing all about it. Oh and I love the rain coats. :)


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