Friday, June 12, 2015

Spaghetti Face - Captain's Log, Week 268

What the girls said this week:

Ellie, in a different room trying to get my attention: "Mom! Mom, I'm freaking out. Mom, I'm freaking out at you. Mom, I'm almost all the way freaked out."

Ellie: "If Zelda poops in her diaper, then she'll be zero years old. Then she won't be here. Then she'll hatch out of the egg again."

(Ellie thinks babies hatch out of eggs. I tried to tell her this week that she was once really little and in my tummy, and I squeezed her out, and she thought that was hilarious. "Like poop?" she said, laughing. Me: "Um, no." Ellie: "No mom, I hatched out of the egg." Eh...I'll try that conversation again in a little while.)

I was on my bed on day in the afternoon, falling asleep, when Ellie came in. Ellie: "Mom, I have a requirement for you. The requirement is for you not to go to sleep."

What we did this week:

Last Friday for date night, we went out and ate at this great Puerto Rican place in Fuquay Varina. It's called The Meeting Corner, and it's got a great, friendly atmosphere and the food is really yummy.

Before we went, I couldn't resist taking a couple pictures in the car.

I noticed I've been taking a lot of selfies lately. I think it's because I really like my haircut.
Afterwards, we walked over to the little park by the library. Both girls had fun and were brave and slid down (and climbed up) the slides (even the big one) all by themselves multiple times. And that sentence felt kind of run-on-y but I don't know what to do about it.

Checking out the construction next to the playground.

Another selfie. This is getting out of control.
Zelda got her first bee sting this week. :( It was inevitably going to happen very soon, since she always tries to grab the bees. We kept warning her not to, but she would try over and over again. And she must have succeeded, because when we were out in the backyard this week she started crying and Ellie told us a bee stung her, and then two of her fingers swelled up. :(

Other things the girls have done this week is make their own trampoline park using couch cushions and pillows:


And eat sprinkles:

Ellie can read the names of the colors; she has a coloring/activity book that this week she's been reading to me everywhere it says "red," "blue," "yellow," "brown," etc.

Zelda has become really interested in the potty lately. She wants to read potty books all the time, and she wants to go sit on the little potty (that we've put next to Ellie's bed for nighttime use).

The next pictures are from yesterday at dinner time. Jason has classes late on Thursdays (because he's taking an extra "Medical Spanish" class that happens after his usual classes), and so it was just me at dinnertime with the girls. I wasn't hungry, so I made them noodles and left them to their own devices. I came back after like ten minutes to find Zelda completely covered in spaghetti sauce - on her shirt, hands, alllll over her face, and in her hair like sticky, tomato-y gel.

She kept rubbing it all over her face and up into her hair. She'd cover her eyes like this, then slide her hands and the spaghetti sauce up into her hair. It's why her hair was so crazy and sticking up all over. 

She's such a funny kid. :)

And this last picture comes with a little story about Ellie. See the tape on the handle of this mug? Well, two days ago I was carrying some dishes to the kitchen sink, and I tripped. The mug I was holding in one of my hands hit the counter and broke. It wasn't a big deal; we have like ten of the same mug so I just threw it away. But Ellie heard the crash and ran into the kitchen asking what happened.

When I told her that I broke a mug, she got all sad and started to cry and I had to comfort her. She felt better after a couple minutes. Then a little while later she came into the kitchen with some tape and put it on Jason's mug sitting on the counter, saying something to the effect of she was going to make sure that this mug was safe.

Other things from this week: I pulled out an old, big cross-stitch that I have that I haven't worked on in years. I don't know if the last time I worked on it was in college (before Jason and I got married) or possibly even high school. But I started working on it again this week and it's been really fun. It's of a dragon and a castle; here's someone's picture of the kit if you want to see what it looks like.

I've also started to listen to Don Quixote, to try to read it before we go to Spain. We're going to Spain. I don't think I've mentioned it on the blog yet; I'll have to do a blog post next week with more details, but we're going at the end of July. :D That's another thing I did this week - read the Spain guidebooks I got from the library thoroughly to familiarize myself with the places that we're going.

 Jason has today off (woohoo!!!!) so we have a three day weekend! I hope your weekend is good! :)


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