Friday, June 26, 2015

Jason's New Blog - Captain's Log, Week 270

What the girls said this week

Zelda: Holds a picture of an orangutan out to me. "Wook! A wabbat! A wabbat!"
Me: "A rabbit?"
Zelda: "No! A wabbat! A wabbat!"
Me: "A wabbat?"
Zelda: "U-huh."

Ellie, coloring: "This is me as a baby. And I didn't hatch out of your tummy because I'm too big, see? Hahaha. I hatched out of the egg in a bird's nest."

What we did this week

We're coming up on our year anniversary of living here in North Carolina, so this week I've been kind of doing a deep clean of the house and purging stuff we don't need. I've also been planning more for our Spain trip and listening to Don Quixote via Librivox. Jason's had various school things (a site visit, an OSCE, a test, a sim, a guest speaker, etc). And the girls have played a lot!

One cool thing Jason did this week was start a new blog to feature the girls' art work and stories, called The Many Adventures of Ellie and Zelda. He's going to post all of their stories and art work there. I'll probably do a monthly post on this blog featuring highlights from what he's posted there.

On Monday Zelda helped me do this dishes:

She also requested to wear the "Snow White" tutu, and we couldn't resist putting on the cape too and giving her an apple.

On Tuesday Ellie put all of the couch and bed pillows on the family room floor, and told me that she made "the biggest sleepover ever!"

Jason got home from school really early that day, so we took the girls up to the kids museum in Raleigh. Ever since we went with my dad and stepmom when they were in town, Ellie's been asking me to go again. And we did, and they had so much fun.

They had some kinetic sand out this time, which was really fun to play with. I definitely got my own tray and was playing with it. Ellie and Zelda put a bunch of animals in theirs and used the little stamps on the table to make animal tracks.

When we got home later that day, they took pictures together using the camera on my mac.

They've been pulling the couch cushions off a lot this week and making towers. It's been okay, mostly, but Ellie fell off one time and yet hasn't seemed to learn from that experience. Most of the time they have pretty good balance.

Yesterday the weather finally cooled off a little (thanks to a morning thunderstorm), so the girls and I went on a walk and Jason went on a run. We had a big electrical storm last night (lots of lightning and flashes and rolling thunder) and even some hail. The weather's supposed to dip back down into the high 80's in the next couple of days, and we're excited about that.

And that was our week!

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