Monday, June 22, 2015

Endless loads of laundry - Captain's Log, Week 269

What the girls said this week

The day after I broke the bookshelf in me and Jason's bedroom and gashed my ankle (see story below), I showed Ellie and told her I accidentally broke the bookshelf. She stared at it for a minute, then turned to me and said seriously, "I forgive you."

Ellie: "Mom, I'm feeling crapitooded. Crapitooded means the opposite of frustrated."

What we did this week

Last Saturday (the 13th) we drove down to Campbell campus to play frisbee golf on their course. Jason discovered the frisbee golf course a little while ago when he was running around their cross-country paths, and we've been wanting to go ever since. The weather this week has been super hot, but the whole course is in the woods so it's nice and shaded. That helped a lot when we were playing, although we were all pretty hot and sweaty by the end.

The girls both had so much fun. Ellie was really into it; some of her throws were really good frisbee form, but most of them were kind of chucking the frisbee forward. Either way, she had a great time.

Zelda walked right up to each of the baskets and plunked her frisbee down inside. She found the easy way to get a good score. :)

We skipped a couple baskets because it was so hot, so we ended up playing like twelve holes. Jason definitely won.

Later that night, I gashed my ankle open. Jason and I had been watching Property Brothers, and on the show they talked about smoke detectors. Which reminded us that we needed to replace two of our smoke detectors, and we decided to just order them off Amazon real quick. Jason asked if I could see the brand name on our detectors, and I hopped up on a bookshelf to get a better look at the one in our bedroom. The bookshelf was one of the kind made out of particle board, and as I put my weight on the top shelf, it broke. I came falling down, and as I did so, a screw sticking out of the broken top shelf gashed my ankle in an arc.  

Jason and I looked at it and decided I should go in to see if it needed to be stitched up. So 11 o'clock on Saturday night I drove myself down to the ER and got 13 stitches. It wasn't too bad; I got to watch The Hunger Games while I waited, and the nurse assistant guy was funny. 

It's been healing well all week; I had Jason take out a couple stitches a few days ago because they were too tight at one end, and then he took out the rest of them yesterday. 

A few more pictures from this week:

Ellie put on this hat when we were getting ready to go to the library, and told me she was "all ready to go."

Zelda painting one day: 

And here are a couple videos (mostly for the grandparents, but the first one is really funny):

I'm struggling to remember what else we did this week. Jason's been going on "site visits" this semester, which means that once a week he goes to some real medical place and helps out. Last week his visit was up in Apex. Then on Saturday he had a "mass casualty drill" up at school. They practiced what they would do if they were somewhere where there was a sudden emergency with a lot of people injured.

Zelda's two favorite shows are Daniel Tiger and Team Umizoomi; if she ever wants to watch them she'll ask for "Danieuw" or "Sumi." When watching Umizoomi, if they ask questions (like, "Do you see the rabbit over here?") she'll answer. It's been fun to see her suddenly become interactive with the questions they're asking. She's also still really into the potty and has actually tried to go in it a couple times.

The weather this last week was brutal, and we pretty much hid inside all week because of it. We're talking high 90's and low 100's with very high humidity. 

Oh! One fun thing we did was go to Ellie's friend Mark's house (their whole family are our friends from church) for a summer water party. They had some little pools set up and a sprinkler and a trampoline and a sand box, and the girls played with their friends and had a good time. Later that same day, Ellie had a dentist appointment. Her teeth look great! She's got that same one that's a little off-color from some kind of trauma, but it hasn't changed (for better or worse) since last time, so at least it's stable.

We also made playdough twice this week (thrilling, I know), and I made like three batches of blueberry muffins (I had a craving. A big craving.).

Ohhhhh, I just remembered what I was doing all week. Laundry. Lots and lots of laundry. Ellie's made the switch to underwear at night time, and while some mornings she's woken up dry, most mornings result in a lot of laundry just waiting for me to tackle. It's been kind of exhausting, actually. The most time consuming part of it is washing the waterproof pad that protects her mattress; I have to dry it on "air fluff" (no heat) or it will lose its absorbent properties, and that takes forever. 

And yesterday was Father's Day! I am so lucky both to have a wonderful father and a husband who is a wonderful father to our girls. I love them both so much. Happy Father's Day!

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  1. I was wondering what the story was behind your ankle! Yikes! That made for an exciting week. And I totally feel you on the laundry--it never ends. If only house elves were real...:D


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