Monday, June 1, 2015

Ellie the athlete - Captain's Log, Week 266

This week has been really laid-back. For Memorial Day on Monday we drove up to Jason's friend's house and had dinner with him and his family (Brad, Ellie, and Tacey). Brad's in the PA program with Jason. It was really fun; the girls loved playing with Tacey and we got to socialize, eat yummy food, and play the card game "Hand and Foot" with Brad and Ellie. Jason made the American flag cheesecake pictured above for the dinner.

Jason had the next couple days off from school, and we relaxed and hung out at the house. We did a little yard work each day; one day I cleared out what might have been poison oak and ivy from one spot on the edge of our yard. The very next day Jason saw what he's pretty sure (after looking at snakes online for hours) was an Eastern Rattlesnake, right in that same spot. Our neighbor Lacrecia helped us snake-proof the yard later this week by putting lyme down all around the edges.

On Saturday morning we drove up to Raleigh to go to the Iron Kids race (they were having the full Iron Man race the next day, so this was a pre-event for kids). Jason was volunteering at the event, and since we knew we'd be there for it, we signed Ellie up for the quarter mile race. (If you remember, Jason helped Ellie practice for it last month.) When we got there, Ellie was confused and a little disappointed because she was expecting the race to be on the track she had practiced on; the "roadrunner race track" as she called it. She was excited about her bag of stickers and her free hat (which she chose over the t-shirt) though.

Before the race:

Ellie found a fountain to play in: 

Practicing at the finish line:

Now, for the actual race...well, it didn't go so well. Parents were allowed to run with their children, and I asked Ellie several times if she wanted me to run with her. Every time I asked her, she said she wanted to run by herself. And when the race started, she made her way to the front and took off without a backward glance. I tried to follow her on the outside of the barriers, but with the crowds and barriers I soon lost sight of her. 

Jason was down on the track, doing his volunteer duties by being a human barrier and steering the kids in the right direction. By the time Ellie got to him, she was crying and told him that I had left her. :( I didn't! I really didn't! She said she wanted to do it by herself. I feel so bad, though; I should have followed her on the race track just to make sure. Jason picked her up and finished the race by running back with her and Zelda (who he already had).

Once Ellie got her medal and we sat down on some bleachers (while Jason went back to help with the mile race), she felt a lot better.

After we got home, had lunch, and rested for a couple hours, we drove down to Campbell so that Ellie could run around on the "roadrunner race track." She loved it, and was really happy. It was also really hot, so Jason and I were glad when she was satisfied with running around the track a single time. We plan to take her back at cooler times of the day; she really does love running around that track.

Last night, the girls started their bedtime routine a little bit early, and went down without a fuss. After some peace and quiet, Jason and I were talking about and wondering why some days they went down easily and so days they don't. We were, of course, thinking that this was one of the easy days.

We were wrong.

A while after our discussion we started hearing lots of noise coming from the girls room. When we checked on them (about an hour after we had "put them to sleep" in a quiet, clean room), this is what we found:

Hahaha. :) They were super happy, so we just let them keep playing. At about 8:30 (two hours after they had "gone to sleep") we heard Ellie calling for help, so we went in there. She had filled a shelf on the bookshelf with books she was cleaning up, and was back in bed with her blankie, asking us to turn off the lights. We did, and snag them some more lullabies. As I was leaving I heard Ellie say to Zelda, "Zelda, we'll play tomorrow." :)

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