Monday, May 11, 2015

Grandpa and Nana visit - Captain's Log, Week 263

Sorry this blog post is a couple days late! We've had a crazy week and are playing with Grandma right now. :)

What the girls said this week

We clicked the "lock car" button on the keys, and it honked.
Ellie: "The car hornked at me!"

Ellie: "Mom, I tried to go to sleep but my eyes won't close."

What we did this week

My dad and stepmom came to visit! We had so much fun with them. 

They flew in on Saturday night and drove down to our house in a rental car. On Sunday they came with us to church, and then played with the girls all afternoon. 

On Monday Jason went to school and the rest of us went strawberry picking. It was so fun! The girls absolutely loved it. It was the first time they (or I) have been.

My dad taught Ellie what to look for to pick the best strawberries, and she was super good about picking the good ones.

Partway through picking, Zelda found out that she could eat the strawberries (or, in her words, "bewwies"), and from there on out that's all she wanted to do. She was shoving strawberries in her mouth and the juice was all over her face and her shirt, and she was in heaven.

What she did in the next pic cracked me and Debbie up:she saw a strawberry on the edge of the plant, and laid down on her tummy so that she could reach forward with her mouth and eat it that way.

 The next day we went in to Raleigh. (Somehow the girls found flowers to play with in Downtown.)

We had lunch at a BBQ place called The Pit. It was really good! My dad, Jason, and I all got half racks of baby back ribs. Mmmm. :)

In the next pictures, my dad asked Zelda to "show me a pretty face!" She did this and said "cheese!"

Here's Zelda plugging her ear with one hand and holding a flower with the other:

After lunch, we went to Marbles, the children's museum! It was SO fun. The girls loved it. They had all sorts of different play areas with costumes and toys. We got there at three in the afternoon and stayed until it closed at five, and I'm sure the girls could have stayed there for hours more. I'm seriously considering buying an annual pass; the girls loved it so much.

 Shopping at the grocery store and cooking:

Over at the farm:

Dr. Zelda and her babies (she loves babies): 

Veterinarian Ellie: 

Over by the ambulance there was a toy phone that teaches kids about calling 911. Ellie loved it, and had me and her take turns talking to it like ten times.

Toy phone: "911 operator. What is your emergency?"
Ellie: "Um, the house is made of fire."
Toy phone: "What is your name?"
Ellie: "Ellie."
Toy phone: "What is your address?"
Ellie: "Um, the house."

Over at the pirate ship:

 And the water table:

In the "school" section there was a table where kids could put little pegs into boards. This is just like one of Ellie's favorite activities at home, putting all the pieces into the Chinese Checkers board. She really liked this table. :)

On Wednesday we played at the house, and took a trip in to town to stock up at Walmart. On Thursday we went into town again to visit the mineral springs park. The girls really liked the bridge at the park; Ellie kept finding leaves to shove through the bars and watch fall into the steam.

We then went to another park a couple blocks away where they have a nice little playground. They were doing construction at that park, which Zelda found intriguing.

After playing there we went to lunch at a Puerto Rican place on Main Street, and it was really good! I'm sure Jason and I will be back sometime; everything was really yummy and the atmosphere was nice. 

We stopped at our favorite ice cream place on the way home.

When we got home, Dad and Debbie had to get ready to go. I played with my dad's camera lens in the back yard while they were packing up, and Jason got home at the same time, and our friend Lacrecia stopped by with her son.

It was so awesome to have my Dad and Debbie visit, and the girls loved having them here. Thank you guys so much for coming!!!

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