Friday, May 1, 2015

Big Haircut - Captain's Log, Week 262

What the girls said this week

Ellie: "Mom, can I have chocolate milk? Because I'm your grandfather."

Zelda: "Daddy's home!" (This is a great example of her two- and three-word combinations.)

What we did this week

Well, the big thing is that I chopped off all my hair. It was so long that I was tired of taking care of it, and I was itching to get a pixie cut like I had years ago when I was pregnant with Ellie.

Here are some before pictures:

And a before-and-after: 

I'm loving having all my hair gone. It's so refreshing and easy. And showers take like two minutes! It's the best. 

I'm also having fun playing with it and putting in gel and hair accessories and what not.

Ellie got a hair cut too, but it's been hard to get a picture because she never stops moving. Here's a blurry shot of her where you can see it (she got a couple inches trimmed off):

 And here's her putting shows on her stuffed animal dog:

We didn't really do much other than that this week! Jason had school, of course, and the girls and I did stuff at home. We all spent time outside, even though we've had kind of a cold spell this week, especially in the mornings. And last night we had a downpour and thunderstorm! But there was some really nice weather this week too.

These vines are growing on the neighbors trees; they're really pretty and just covered in flowers:

We're excited because my Dad and stepmom Debbie are coming tomorrow. They'll get in late, so the girls won't see them until Sunday, but they can't wait for Grandpa and Nana to come! :D

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