Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Want to save babies? Sign this.

As you guys know, I would never have a home birth. The risks are just too big. At the same time, there always will be women who do choose to birth at home, and for those women there needs to be as safe a system in place as possible, to minimize risks to them and their babies.

Currently in North Carolina (where we live) and Maryland there are pending laws that, if put into effect, would legalize a class of dangerously uneducated midwives without putting important safety barriers into place that would protect mothers and babies. I wrote about the pending North Carolina bills in my post last week, "The NC 'Home Birth Freedom Act' Supports Midwives at the Expense of Mothers and Babies."

A new group, the Coalition for Safer Home Birth, has now come out with a petition on Change.org that asks state legislators to "make out-of-hospital birth safer through stronger, uniform regulations in the United States." It lists several measures that, if incorporated into state midwifery laws, would protect the lives of mothers and babies under the care of home birth midwives.

Please take the next minute of your day to click on and sign this petition. It might ask for your address, but that's just to make sure you're not signing twice - it won't send you anything or anything like that. And signing it would really show your support for laws that would protect women and their babies.


Please sign!

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