Saturday, April 25, 2015

Fifth Anniversary - Captain's Log, Week 261

What the girls said this week

Ellie: "Mom, can I make popcorn? because I'm proud that you're my favorite."

Ellie: "I called the snake 'Curly,' and I called the worms 'Curly' too. That is so impressive."

Funny mispronunciation Ellie always does: Liquid="Wiqlid"

Ellie: "Mom, the red ants bite us. But Jesus wants the red ants to be nice to me."

One day when they were playing Zelda messed up Ellie's blocks. I told her to say sorry to Ellie.
Zelda: "Sa-ee."
Me: "Ellie, did you hear her say 'Sorry?'"
Ellie: "I hear me crying a lot."

Ellie, putting on a straw hat: "Howdy partners!"

Ellie: "I got these socks so the ants can't bite my skin. Ants are scared of socks. They run away from them."

Zelda's talking a lot. I won't (/can't) write down everything she can say, but I can tell you that she's putting multiple words together now in two-word and three-word combinations. "I want fi" (fi=pacifier), etc.

What we did this week

Thursday was me and Jason's fifth anniversary! It's weird to think we've been married that long; everyone's fifth anniversary (to me) always seemed like, "Woah, they've been married a long time!" And now we have, haha! And it doesn't seem like it's been that long at all. :)

To celebrate, we went ziplining last week. Our friend Amy watched Ellie and Zelda for us, and we drove down to Fayetteville to this awesome place called Zipquest. Their course was beautiful, going up into the tops of the tall North Carolinan trees. Once we climbed up into our first tree, we didn't touch the ground again until the very end of the course (two hours later). It was so neat to be up in the trees and in such a beautiful place. The whole thing was so fun, and our guides were great! Our lead guide was named Greg, and he was really funny. In our group with us we also had a family of three (a mom, dad, and son who had just graduated from some military academy), and this funny old guy from Connecticut.

Getting ready:

And off we go!

That tiny dot you see way down on the line, that's Jason zipping towards our guide (who's holding the camera):

It was so fun! We had such a blast.

Other things from this week: Jason saw a helicopter land right outside of his school one day. The only helicopters we see around here are military ones (from Fort Bragg), so they must have been doing some kind of training exercise.

Which reminds me, on Sunday we were home and all the sudden a huge "boom!" shook the house. It was just one huge blast. My first instant thought was earthquake, but it was just one boom, so that seemed unlikely. Then we were thinking thunder, but we found out it was felt like twelve miles away, so that also seemed unlikely. After talking to several different people, we decided it was probably a sonic boom (that's where an airplane breaks the sound barrier). Probably another military thing. 

One night this week Jason asked the girls if they'd like to sleep in a fort. Ellie enthusiastically answered yes, so he built them a fort and they covered it with blankets. Ellie put blankets inside for her and Zelda so that "Zelda could snuggle up with her." We did their bedtime routine in there (scripture story, prayer, reading a book), and then turned out the lights and left them to their own devices.

Zelda was so excited about not being in her crib that she was wide awake, and we could here her running around the room and Ellie telling her to "come lie down" and "stop destroying the fort." Eventually (after like an hour and half) we went back in there and put the fort away and put both girls back in their own beds. They were okay with it. Even though they didn't sleep in there, they did have fun.

Ellie helped me make cupcakes on Tuesday:

As always, we played outside a lot this week.

At the top of our hill in the front yard, our neighbor's grass is really, really long. Ellie loves it and calls it her "jungle," and goes up there to play almost every day. She picks the long whispy grass and sticks it in her mouth because "that's what farmers do."

And here's just a couple more pictures of my dolls:

Other things we did this week: Jason fixed the hose so we can use it again, I painted the play room, Jason started his summer semester classes, and I ate a lot of peanut butter m&m's.

And that was our week! It was a good one. We're excited because if all goes according to plan, we'll be getting a piano today! Woohoo!

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  1. Love the zip line!!! Sooo fun! There is a place like that like 2 minutes (no kidding) from my parent's new house. When we were there before I was 6 months pregnant, but we really want to do it when we go in August. Look so fun. My favorite quote was, "I hear me crying a lot" haha. Happy Anniversary!


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