Friday, April 17, 2015

Feeling Habe - Captain's Log, Week 260

What the girls said this week:

Ellie: "That rest was amazing. Now let's get back up."

Me: "Ellie, where do babies come from?"
Ellie: "The attic."
Jason: "Ellie, do babies come from heaven?"
Ellie: "No, they come from the attic."

Ellie: "Look, I'm a pirate! Howwwdy!"

Ellie: "Mom, what's your favorite animal?"
Me: "A lion."
Ellie: "No, that's daddy's favorite animal!"
Me: "Um, okay. My favorite animal's a sea cucumber."
Ellie: "That's not an animal!"
Me: "Um, rats."
Ellie: "That's not an animal!"

Ellie, blinking hard and shaking her head: "Do you hear that? There's mice in my ears."

Ellie: "Your boring show is exhausting."

Ellie: "I want chocolate milk!"
Jason: "First you need to eat a piece of bread."
Ellie: "No, I don't want any, because first it changes into a butterfly and stuff."

What we did this week:

We did so much this week! We had a few days with Nana, Jason had his finals, we did a bunch of yardwork, I painted the office, Jason made a recipe book, we had lawn-mowing adventures with our neighbor Lacrecia, and today we're going ziplining!

First, our days with Nana. As you know from last week's Captain's Log, Jason's mom came to visit. She flew in on Wednesday and left on Saturday. On Friday we went to Jack Marley park in Angier and to our favorite ice cream place, Sunni Sky's.

At Sunni Sky's we ran into the missionaries from our ward, and one of our old missionaries who was visiting, Elder Mora! It was fun to see him again.

Zelda's been hiding behind her hands a lot this week. All the time:

She's also been making this funny blinky squishy face a lot, and it kills us:

Playing peekaboo with Nana:

On Friday night Diana watched the girls so that Jason and I could go on a date. We went to Applebee's and Home Depot, haha. (I was the one that really wanted to go to Home Depot.) We got a bunch of yard stuff (mostly mulch, pavers, and paver sand, and also a nice Azalea bush) to spruce up our yard. Then on Saturday morning Diana watched and played with the girls, and we were able to get a lot of yard work done. It was great! We weeded a lot and Jason put in pavers around our front bushes, and it looks soooo much better.

While we were doing yard work, we found a tiny worm snake. We took it inside to show the girls, who loved it. Ellie named him Curly, and they played with him for a couple minutes before we let him go again. 

The girls loved having their Nana here and loved playing with her so much.

They were so sad when she had to leave. We all drove her to the airport (we stopped and had lunch at Boston Market on the way) on Saturday. Later this week, two really big military airplanes flew overhead when we were out in the yard. Ellie saw and pointed to the first one, saying, "Nana's plane! Nana's driving that airplane!" Zelda saw the second one and pointed to it, yelling, "Nana! Nana!"

On Sunday the girls got to wear their cute new matching dresses to church, and I couldn't help taking a few pictures of them. I just love these girls.

I got a new calling this week; I'm now a counselor in the new primary presidency. It's a great presidency and I'm super excited to work with these wonderful women.

The rest of the week was mostly playing in the yard! Monday and Tuesday were stressful days for Jason, as they were his finals. But since he finished on Tuesday and came home, he's been able to relax and do a lot of fun things. We've all spent a ton of time in the yard this week. The weather's just so nice, with spring being here. Jason and I re-mulched a bunch of areas and planted new flowers in a couple different places, and our yard just looks so good right now.

This cracks me up. Ellie's been dressing herself for the last couple weeks, and she put on this shoe & sock combo one day this week "to keep the ants from biting her feet."

Ellie also figured out that we have a water spout in the front yard, and has been having a lot of fun filling up buckets and watering various plants. One of the buckets has a little hole in the bottom, so when she takes it around it leaves a trail:

Zelda's less enthused about the water spout. It fascinates her, but the loud sound makes her nervous, too (she's been covering her ears a lot too, this week):

A couple Ellie things: Jason likes to write words using the magnets on the fridge so that Ellie can practice reading. One day this week he wrote "Feeling sad." Ellie found it later in the day and changed "sad" to "habe" (happy). I was there when she was sounding it out and putting the letters together. ", where's the b?" I gave her a b. I didn't know what she was spelling yet. "Ha...b...where's the e...there's the e. Happy! Feeling happy!"

She also painted several times this week. One day when we were painting, without any sort of prompting, she painted this and then explained it to me. It's her (little yellow person on the left) and Daddy (big person on the right) at the race track (the purple circle). Remember how they went to the race track last week? I showed Jason when he got home, and it's his favorite painting ever.

And a couple more pictures:

And that was our week! I've probably forgotten one or two things, but that was the bulk of it. This afternoon's going to be super fun, because Jason and I are going ziplining. Our 5th anniversary is next week, and so we're going ziplining to celebrate. Woohoo!

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