Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter, General Conference, and Nana - Captain's Log, Week 259

Hi, and happy Friday!

We've had a good week, despite everything in the whole state being covered in a thick layer of tree pollen. Last Saturday and Sunday was general conference, and Easter. It is always so wonderful to hear the words of the prophet and apostles. Some of the talks were hard to hear because the girls were running around and being crazy, but that just means there's still more new things for me to hear and discover as I listen to the talks again. And it was wonderful for Easter to fall during general conference weekend this year - what better way to focus on the Savior than by listening to talks about him all day long? 

Here's a couple of my favorite quotes from this general conference:

Here are the all of the talks if you are interested in checking them out: April 2015 General Conference.

On Easter morning, the girls woke up and Ellie was so excited to go hunt for Easter eggs! This year the Easter bunny hid them all around the backyard. Ellie got to find pink and blue eggs, and Zelda got to find yellow eggs.

Both girls were funny hunting eggs. Ellie would see one that she wanted and walk past twenty eggs all around her to get the one. Zelda would pick up one egg and then be satisfied for like five minutes, and not really interested in any of the other eggs. It took a lot longer to pick up all the eggs than I was expecting, haha. Also, the girls got little colorful straw hats from the Easter bunny, and Ellie insisted on wearing her "farmer hat" (as she calls it) as she was finding eggs.

Here are some videos of them finding eggs (these are mostly for the grandparents): 

 Inside, opening their eggs:

On your marks, get set, go!

The girls also played with my computer camera again this week. Here are a few of my favorite pictures they took:

On Tuesday, Jason didn't have school. In addition to studying a lot for his finals, he took Ellie up to campus and they ran on the track. Ellie loved running around the track; Jason says that she ran a whole mile!

All ready to run!

On Wednesday the girls and I built a fort. Ellie insisted on covering it in every single baby blanket we have. Both girls had fun playing in it.

And this is when it collapsed on Ellie:

Don't worry; she though it was funny.

Two cuties
Also, here's a video of Jason and Zelda playing this week. You should watch this one, even if you're not a grandparent. It's adorable. 

One day when we were playing outside, Ellie told me, "Mom, take a picture of me and my flowers!" "You want me to go inside and get my camera to take a picture of you?" I asked her? "Yes!" she confirmed. So I did. Who can resist this face? When I came out again with my camera, she smiled like this for me to take her picture:

I love this girl. 

Looking at the little millipede on her arm.

Yesterday, playing outside in the humidity and pollen before our big thunderstorm:

And the most exciting thing that's happened this week - Nana came! Jason's mom flew out here on Wednesday and has been giving the girls lots of love ever since she got here. They are so excited that she's here and are just showing her all of their toys and being so silly and so happy to play with her. 

Here are some pictures Nana took when they were playing outside:

Ellie's been insisting on putting on her own clothes lately. It often ends up like this: every piece of clothing is backward (and sometimes inside out), and her shoes are on the wrong feet. And she's a happy 3-year-old!

We also went to our favorite BBQ place last night for dinner. Mmm!

Yesterday Ellie and Nana were playing together in the toy room, and Ellie was pretending that one of her little lion toys was being naughty. It was a whole big game and it went on for a long time, but at one point Ellie was making another little toy (the giraffe), stomp up and down on the lion. "Is he getting a spanking?" Nana asked. "No, he's getting a kicking." replied Ellie. Hahaha, what in the world? (Note: we do not kick our children.)

Another game they were playing was mixed-up animal sounds. Ellie would hold a little animal, like a horse, and make some animal sound that didn't match (like a roar). Then she would "click a button" on the floor and the animal would make a different noise. She'd do that a couple times until the animal made the right noise.

We get to play with Nana all of today and tomorrow until she goes home!

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