Saturday, March 14, 2015

House Projects - Captain's Log, Week 255

What the girls said this week

Ellie was playing with the ipad and opened a giraffe game. She asked me if I wanted (on the app) to take the giraffe to play dress up, or go to the boutique, or put on makeup. I said put on makeup.
Ellie: "And make her pretty? Make her pretty like you? Mom, you're so pretty." (then gives me a hug and a kiss)

Cleaning up the bandaids: "I'm making Jesus happy!"

Ellie lying on the couch, claiming she was sick: "Mom, can you get the thermodeler?" (thermometer)

What we did this week

This week was a really productive one. We've been continuing to do a bunch of house projects. For our date night last Friday we scraped the popcorn off our bathroom ceiling, and since then we've repainted it and Jason's installed crown molding. Now for the bathroom we just have to finish caulking the crown molding, then paint it and repaint the trim around the window, then paint the walls (we're painting them a different color). And it'll be awesome!

I've been repainting the trim in the rest of the house (whoever last painted this house got the wall color all over the trim, and it's been driving me crazy ever since we moved in), and this week I finished repainting the trim and the walls in the hall and entryway. I also repainted the front door, and all the trim and windowsills in the dining room. It all looks sooo much better. I'm not sure which room I'll paint next; I need to make a plan of action. We're not changing the colors in the house to anything crazy; we're actually painting most of the rooms the same color that they were. They all (and especially, especially the trim) just need a fresh coat of paint. I've had paint in my hair and on my hands all week.

A little side project I did yesterday and the day before was shorten all of the blinds in the house. They're those faux wood blinds that pull up and down, and they all had a bunch of extra slats at the bottom. I watched a youtube video to remember how to remove the extra slats, and then did it to all the blinds that needed it. And they all look sooo much better too.

I'm also spray painting some stuff that needs it; you know that aged yellow color that white plastic turns to after a couple years? Well, some random stuff in our house is that color. I took out and spray painted our doorbell cover thing from our hall, and the doorbells themselves, and also a bunch of the blind pulls (I don't know what they're actually called, but those little things you grab when you pull the blinds). And everything's looking so much better! Instead of looking fifteen years old, it all looks new. (Can you tell how much I love paint?)

Jason's spring break is over so he's been back in classes all week, and had a test on Wednesday. Today he's up in Raleigh doing a Habitat for Humanity service project. He also spread out this bug stuff all over our lawn this week that should keep the bugs away, which is important here. There are so many bugs in the lawn when summer comes.

Maybe because we've been so busy doing other things, but we took almost no pictures this week. I took a total of like ten pictures, which I think is a record low for me in the last year. Here are a couple we did take. We took them to send to Jason when he was at school one day:

Zelda's getting so good at communicating verbally. She answers both "Uhuh" and "No" now, and will say things that sound darn close like the phrases she means. For example, she'll reach for my food and say, "Iwasome" or "wansome." (I want some.) In addition to saying "My" to indicate she wants something, she's also been pointing and saying "I" this week, in the same context. She says "up" and "down" and "battime" (bathtime). 

For some reason, she's had a real hard time taking naps this week. I hope it's only because she's had a cold, and will soon be back to normal. Her no-nap grumpiness is something that hasn't been fun to deal with every day.

At the same time, Ellie's acting older and more mature. Both me and Jason have noticed it. She's just acting older. She's really mellowing out and becoming easier and happier all day long, which is a welcome change. She's been a high energy kid ever since she was a baby, and toddler years were insane, so it's great that she's just starting to be consistently calm and happy most of the time.

This has been a wordy Captain's Log, but I just want to add two other things before I sign off: last night for date night Jason and I had a cowboy date. We had steak and potatoes and corn and biscuits for dinner (with peach cobbler for dessert), and then watched "Support Your Local Gunfighter." It was really fun. (If you haven't, you should watch "Support Your Local Sheriff," which is the movie that comes before the one we watched, and is great.)

The other thing I want to say is that today is Pi Day!!! And a big Pi Day - 3/14/15, and at 9:26:53 it'll just be magical. Jason and I have some frozen pies in our freezer to celebrate with later.

So happy Pi Day!

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  1. The Pi day was a lucky day, huh? You finally found some time to rest after a long productive week. Congrats on accomplishing a lot, by the way! I’d love to see the outcome of the repainting you did sometime. Have a nice day!

    Richmond Gordon @ CertaPro Painters


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