Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring is here - Captain's Log, Week 257

What the girls said this week

I made puppy chow (a.k.a. muddy buddies, a peanut butter/chocolate/Chex treat) yesterday. Ellie, munching on some: "Mom, is puppy chow fruit?" Hahaha, I wish.

Ellie: "Mom, can you put my underwear on? Because I guess I'm going to pee on the chair."

Ellie: "Mom, do you love Jesus?"
Me: "Yes, I do. Do you love Jesus?"
Ellie: "No; I love Daddy."

So, if we have the TV on, it's usually to the girls' shows (Wild Kratts, Daniel Tiger, etc.). But once in a while if the girls are driving me crazy and I need a break, I'll turn on a Property Brothers or something. Ellie calls these "boring shows." I turned one of them on sometime this week. Ellie: "This is a boring show. This is a great boring show."

Ellie: "Mom, our house is amazing."

One thing Zelda's been doing this week is pointing out if people are sad. On one of the shows they were watching, an elephant got hurt and was crying. She pointed at him and said, "Sad. Crying. Crying." Then later this week, Ellie was having a tantrum and got a time out in her room. Zelda pointed at her door (we could hear Ellie having her tantrum on the other side), and said "Sad." Then this morning Zelda brought me and Jason her little dolly and pointed at it, saying, "Sad." "Oh, she's sad? She needs a bottle," we told her. So Zelda pretended to feed her the bottle. "Now she's happy!" We told her. And Zelda smiled and laughed and liked that. Then she went through the whole thing again.

Cat was inside one time this week, and Zelda kept saying "hug" and hugging him. She also said "Cat" very clearly.

This is from a little while ago, but I want to write it down so I remember. When Zelda plays with cars or airplanes, she makes a "bbbbbb" sound (like their engine) as she pushes them around.Well, we have this little playmobile snail that playmobile people can sit on and ride, and one day she was pushing that around too making the "bbbbbb" sound.

What we did this week

Mostly our week was spent playing. It was warm and wonderful and spring-y outside, so the girls and I spent a lot of time outside this week. We even walked down to the creek at the end of our street and played in the water a little bit. Jason didn't have a test on Wednesday like he usually does, so his week was a little bit more relaxed, too, which was nice.

My big thing I was able to get done this week was paint all the trim and the walls in the kitchen.

Ellie's been daydreaming a lot recently. She'll kind of be staring off into space, and we'll ask her what she's thinking about, and she'll tell us, "a dream." And then she'll tell us a long story (again, usually involving Chris and Martin from Wild Kratts) about what it's about.

The girls also washed dishes this week:

Zelda's face in this one cracks me up.

And played with the quiet book:

And read books:

Instead of naps, Ellie likes to "rest" on the couch. She usually requests chocolate milk to drink as she's "resting."

 Ellie took the next two pictures all by herself:

And here's some of our outside time:

Zelda and I went outside first. I told Ellie we were going out, and she could join us if she wanted (she was playing inside, wearing her swimsuit {because she wanted to}). I put her flipflops by the door for her. About ten minutes later she showed up at the door, wearing a shirt, underwear, and different shoes. She got the outfit all by herself and put it on all by herself.

Also, yesterday Ellie gave herself orange tiger stripes with marker, all over her arms and legs and face.

Right now our grass is kind of a meadow. It's not long enough to break out the lawn mower, so the little wildflowers are just blooming and being happy.

 We love our girls.


  1. I'm so glad you let Ellie walk around with tiger stripes--seriously so funny and awesome! We've had a week of play and lots of tiger stripes too. And ZELDA. She is so big, Fun girls and a fun mom! :)

  2. Lol tiger stripes. They are too cute!!


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