Friday, February 6, 2015

Captain's Log, Week 250

What the girls said this week

Zelda has started to say "My" when she wants something. She'll reach for it, opening and closing her hands, and say "My, my, my."

One day Ellie got my deodorant and started rubbing it on Zelda. When Jason took it away, she said, "I want to armpit Zelda!"

What we did this week 

Before anything else, I just wanted to tell you that today is the 10th anniversary of me and Jason's first date, and also we've been married for exactly 250 weeks today.

I love this guy. I have forever, and I will forever.

So, what we actually did this week: Well, the girls and I got ready for Valentine's day. Zelda had her 15-month checkup at the doctor's on Tuesday, and afterwards we went to the dollar store and got some Valentine's Day stuff. Zelda's stats from her checkup, by the way, are that she's 19 pounds 8 ounces (7th percentile), 31 inches long (68th percentile), and has a head diameter of 18 5/8 inches (87th percentile).

Other than going to the doctor's and the dollar store, our week was pretty much just staying at home. The girls and I did a mix of stuff, from painting to playing outside to making and decorating cupcakes to just chilling out and watching Frozen like four times. I worked a lot on our 2012 photobook, and I'm almost done.

Every day Ellie asks me if it's Valentine's Day. The first couple times I showed her the calendar and explained that it's in a couple weeks, but I've given up and now just say yes every time.

We made Valentine's cupcakes using this cake recipe. They turned out really weird shape/texture -wize, but they were delicious. So they're forgiven for being weird. Ellie had a really fun time mixing the ingredients. Every time we ask her if she wants to help us make something, she says, "Okay, we need to start at the beginning."

Also, one day when we were playing outside the girls were driving around in their power wheels, and Ellie put her arm around Zelda to hold her in and keep her safe.

And here are a couple pictures of Zelda:

Notice the cat's leg on Zelda's back? That's my favorite part.

And a couple videos for the grandparents (I'd recommend "Underwear Head" to anyone who wanted to watch just one):

And that was our week!


  1. Okay first of all, your girls are adorable. :) And I love you guys! And why haven't we seen each other in so long???? And I think Bradley and Ellie would have a LOT of fun together! Bradley is the most energetic and loud kid out of all his friends and from what you've said about Ellie (and from watching the videos), I just think they would have fun being crazy together. Plus they both love letters. Also, I am jealous of your power wheels! So so fun. :)

  2. Um cutest dance pic ever!!! And you're girls are precious!


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