Friday, January 16, 2015

Tea parties and Power Wheels - Captain's Log, Week 247

What the girls said this week

Ellie: "Heavenly Father said, Adam and Eve, don't eat the apples!"
Me: "And what did they do?"
Ellie: "Eat the apples."
Me: "And then what?"
Ellie: "They got time out, just like me."

One day Ellie called the little model of Minas Tirith that we have (from Lord of the Rings) "the temple."

One time Ellie and Zelda were playing in the office, and I came in to check on them. They were emptying stuff out of the desk. When Ellie saw me looking in she said, "Mom, no no no. Don't get. I'll close the door so you can't see us." And ran over and closed the office door in my face.

Consistent Ellie mispronunciation: Volcanoes = "Pucanoes"

Ellie was describing the book from library storytime to Jason, and she told him it was "So two threes silly!" Maybe she think too = two, so if it's especially silly (more than too/two) it's three?

One night at dinner Ellie was talking and talking, and most of what she was saying was about our Christmas vacation in California. She kept saying "Tiffany's kids" and "my kids" when referring to her cousins, and cracking us up. She also told us that she was so sad when  had to drive to the airport. :(

And that reminds me, twice this week Ellie has packed up this little lunchbox she has with various toys, and then told us that she was ready to go to the airport to go to Nana's house.

Zelda's finally got a hold of "Hi!" and "Bye!" this week. She hasn't said them before this week, but now she's saying them all the time. We think she's excited that she can say them, so she just keeps saying them all day long and waving at us.

What we did this week

Last Friday Jason and I had a tea party for our date night. When making my New Year's Resolutions post, I came across a picture of us ten years ago this month, when we were having a tea party with my sister and her friends. We thought that it'd be fun to recreate, so we had a tea party. We got all dressed up and made biscuits and cake and herbal tea, and we had classical music playing in the background and played "Sequence" after we ate. It was really fun!

Us ten years ago:

 Us now:

We had a tea party with the girls, too, a few days later. They both really liked it. They had juice, and graham crackers, and apple slices. Zelda wasn't sure what to do with her juice; eventually she started dipping her hand in it and sucking it off her fingers. But they both really liked the graham crackers and apple slices.

Ellie was so funny this week.

One night before the girls bedtime, I was walking around our house to exercise and get steps. Ellie and Zelda love when I do this when they're awake (Ellie always insists on turning on the "exercise music," a.k.a. my Pandora workout channel), and walk around in circles with me, chasing each other and laughing. Ellie was so clumsy for some reason that night, and kept running into things as she walked/ran. The first time it happened, Jason comforted her by getting her a lime popsicle and telling her it would help. *While it was still wrapped,* he held it to where she bonked herself so that it would reduce the swelling. Then he unwrapped it for her and she began to eat it, but quickly abandoned it so she could keep running in circles with me and Zelda.

She quickly hurt herself again, and ran to her lime popsicle. Even though it was now unwrapped, melting, and wet, she rubbed it against where she bonked her forehead. "Is this helping, Mom?" She asked me. "Yes," I said seriously, nodding and trying to keep from laughing. And every time after that that she hurt herself (and it was like five more times!) she ran over to her popsicle and rubbed it on her owie. She had sticky wet popsicle juice all over herself, but it was definitely keeping her from thinking about how much all those bonks must have hurt, so we were fine with it. Luckily, it was the girls' bathtime right afterward so we were able to wash it all off. Although, a couple more times this week when she's gotten hurt, she's told me that she "I need a lime popsicle!" and I've had to talk her out of it, because I don't want her covered in sticky juice.

Something else funny that she's been doing is making up Spanish words. I've started learning Spanish this week, and have been working on it every day. Sometimes when I'm talking to Ellie or Jason I'll practice the words that I'm learning. When I was talking to Jason about it at dinner one night, Ellie told us that she knew Spanish too. "You do?" we asked her. "Yes," she said, and then said a bunch of (kind of Spanish-sounding) gibberish. Another time she was handing little paint bottles to me, and I held up the green one and said, "Green. Verde." She handed me the next one and said, "Red. Serde."

Also, on Wednesday afternoon she had a nap. Then that night she stayed up forever. She normally goes to bed at 7, but on this night she stayed up until like 10:30. She read books and talked to Zelda and threw all the books in Zelda's crib and just talked to herself. And last night she woke up at like 2 A.M. and was awake until sometime after 5. Jason went in there for a long time to try to get her to go to sleep, but to no avail. We don't know what that was about, because she didn't have a nap yesterday. So I think she's going to be extra sleepy and cranky today. Yikes!

Ellie also drew this self portrait this week. When she showed it to me, she told me: "I have too many fingers, and a long neck like a giraffe, and legs, and eyes, and a body." This is the first time she's ever drawn a person like this.

The girls also spontaneously played ring around the rosie together this week. Ellie had taken Zelda's hand to lead her into the playroom, but then Zelda reached for her other hand too because she thought Ellie wanted to play ring around the rosie. Ellie obliged, and sang the song, and they went in a circle and then fell down. It was really cute.

It's been pretty cold here this week; we had some freezing rain one night that closed down all the schools in the area. But the last couple days haven't been too bad and we've been able to go outside to play. Here's some pictures from Wednesday:

Zelda "oohing" at the trees

Meanwhile, Ellie was poking her old pumpkin from Halloween with a stick. We put it in our garden spot thinking it would just kind of melt into the ground, and it has, but Ellie's had a lot of fun the last couple times we've been outside poking it with sticks.

And something really fun: the girls got a power wheels car this week! Someone from our ward was moving and offering some of their stuff for free, and they let us have this awesome little tractor power wheels! We showed it to the girls yesterday and they took it out for a spin. We needed to charge the battery, though, so it didn't go very far. But Ellie loved it. We plugged it in afterwards so it should be all charged up for today.

And that was our week!

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