Friday, January 23, 2015

Painted Portraits - Captain's Log, Week 248

Ellie and Zelda

What the girls said this week

Zelda is starting to talk a lot more. Like I mentioned last week, she's saying "Hi" and "Bye" all the time, and she's also started saying "Day doo" in a sing song voice, for "Thank you." When we hand her something she wants, she'll tell us "Day doo!" It is so cute. We are both loving it. She's also repeated some words unexpectedly this week; when the girls were watching Dora the Explorer, she said "backpack," and when I was drying her off with a towel yesterday she was chanting "Die die die die" for "dry dry dry dry." (That one made me laugh a lot. "Die die die die!")

Ellie's been a little bit sick this week, and so has wanted me around all.the.time. One day she wanted me to stay with her in the playroom, even though she was playing with her animals and I was just sitting on the floor, doing nothing. So, when she was distracted, I slipped away and found Jason (who was studying.)
Me, to Jason: "Ellie wouldn't let me leave the playroom, but I just slipped away while she was playing and she didn't notice."
Jason: laughs
Suddenly we hear Ellie, far away in the playroom: "Noooooooo!"

A couple days ago Ellie asked for a "butter jelly sandwich." Later she wanted "gummy bubbles" (I had been chewing bubblegum).

One day, when I was bringing Zelda into the playroom after she woke up from her nap:
Ellie: "Did you bring me my sister friend?"

What we did this week

Well first of all (this is a big deal), Ellie wrote her name, all by herself. I was in the office when she yelled to me to come look, "I wrote my name!" so I ran in there, and she had!! :D It was totally surprising, and awesome. Way to go, Ellie!

Other than that, this week we watched an embarrassing amount of kids shows:

The girls watching "Masha Medved" on the computer
We've also played outside a lot this week (I think almost every day). Ellie knows that to go outside we need to put on our shoes and a jacket, and one day when she was wearing nothing but her underwear she put on her shoes and her jacket and declared that she was ready to go outside. A different day, she put on Daddy's shoes and jacket over her clothes:

Here are some pictures of me and the girls playing with their power wheels. Every day, Ellie likes to go outside and drive it to the end of the yard and back.

The girls have also painted a lot this week. Ellie's artistic abilities have seemed to make a big leap, and she's all the sudden painting people. Just like we were surprised last week when she drew a recognizable figure of a person (herself) with markers, we were very surprised this week when she started painting recognizable figures of people.

Zelda's first painting (ever):

And here are Ellie's paintings! We love, love, love these.

 Ellie and Zelda:
According to Ellie, Zelda has "a really big head"

The dots around the bottom of her face are her necklace

The purple thing on the right side of his head is his hair clip, according to Ellie

 Mommy and Grandma:


 And some cousins:

Brynn and Skylar:


Everett (he has "very tiny legs"): 


And that was our week!

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