Saturday, January 31, 2015

Captain's Log, Week 249

What the girls said this week

Yesterday I was calling Jason, and I put the phone on speakerphone. Ellie heard it ringing, and asked, "Who's calling us?" Me: "Daddy." Ellie: "Oh, I love Daddy, because he's my friend."

Ellie: "Mama, do you know what I love? You."
Me: "Aww. Do you know what I love? You."
Ellie: "Do you know what cup loves? Zelda."

Ellie: "I need tape, and you need tape, so let's teamwork!"

Ellie, when we were doing her My Little Ponies puzzle: "Rainbow Dash is the pretty one, so I love Rainbow Dash."

What we did this week 

We've had some technical troubles this week. Zelda spilled some milk that was on the computer desk, all over the keyboard and also on the screen. Luckily the keyboard was off when this happened, and Jason was able to clean it out really well and we let it dry. So it still works, but the keys are a bit stickier than before and I've been making more typos this week and having to correct them. More unfortunately, when I cleaned the milk off the computer screen I actually made it worse, and now there are some permanent streaks of light running both vertically and horizontally on the screen, originating from the lower left corner. It does slightly interfere with functionality (it's hard to see and click on the right thing sometimes), which is a bummer.

We've also had some sickness here this week. Ellie started getting a cough last week, and it just continued to get worse, so we kept her home from church on Sunday. Jason stayed home with Ellie and Zelda while I went to church to teach our class. I also didn't take the girls to library storytime this week for the same reason, which messes up one of my New Year's goals, but oh well. Not spreading coughs is more important than that. Ellie's cough is a lot better now, which is great. I think she's over whatever it was.  

But, on Thursday night she had food poisoning, and was up all night (and so was Jason). What happened was that she ate a whole little sweet pepper, seeds and all, and we think the seeds irritated her stomach really bad. After we put her and Zelda down to sleep at bedtime, she kept getting up every little while and coming to us. She said her stomach hurt, and we did everything we could think of, but it didn't help much. She did this all the way up until midnight. Then at one in the morning she came into our room (I was asleep for this part) and when Jason took her back to her room, he found that her whole bed was covered in vomit. So he changed all her blankets, and then got her back to sleep. But at four in the morning, she came back into our room and threw up again. Once we got her back to sleep that time, she slept the rest of the night. And, thankfully, she was totally fine all of yesterday. It was just that pepper she ate. Yesterday, for me, was spent cleaning everybody's bedding and washing the carpet in our room.

And, unfortunately, Zelda's molars started coming in this week. She's getting one on each side on the top, and it's made her fussy and sad. We've been giving her medicine, but poor girl.

After typing all that, it seems like we've had a really bad week, but it honestly hasn't been too bad. We've just had a lot of different stuff to deal with. And, awesomely, we got the Hobbit Lego PS3 game this week! I looove the Playstation Lego games (Jason likes them too), and I love the Hobbit, so it's pretty awesome all around. We played it for the first time for date night last night, and it was really fun.

Here are some pictures from our week:

Ellie reading to "our" cat (it's really the neighbor's cat, but he practically lives at our house)

Ellie painted this picture of Jason this week. I love that it looks like he's wearing a beret (and as someone in his PA class pointed out, a white coat):

Zelda using the bookshelf as a chair:

Playing outside. We have woods behind our house, and while we were out there this week we found that the recent rains have made a big mud puddle in this clearing back there. We've been down to play in the mud puddle twice, and Ellie tries to get us to go down there every single day. (I'd like to point out that the cat came down with us, haha.)

While we were down there Jason found this tiny little snake. We thought it was a baby snake of some kind, and we didn't touch it, just looked at it, because we didn't know if it was poisonous or not. It was about the size of a worm. We looked it up when we got home, and it's actually called a Worm Snake! That's its full grown size, and it's not poisonous. If we find one again, we're totally going to pick it up! It was really cute.

Playing inside:

Zelda's been silly this week, and been sticking this tiny, plastic, hard baby doll pacifier into her mouth and holding it there like a real pacifier.

Zelda likes to wear underwear on her head like it's a hat. I don't know if I've ever mentioned that before. Ellie joined her this week:

Ellie put these popsicle sticks together and told me this was a "beaver house":

The big project I've been working on this week is our 2012 Shutterfly book. I'm doing two books for 2012 because there's so many pictures, and I've almost finished the first book (which covers January through June). I've only got a couple pages left. It's been taking a long time because I've been unsatisfied with Shutterfly's premade layouts, so I've been uploading my pictures to (I love their photobook layout software so much better), figuring out layouts for the pages, and then making those pages with the page customization option in Shutterfly. It takes a long time to get it just right, but I like the way the pages are turning out so much better.

I wish I could say that we're just taking it easy after our busy week, but Jason's at school again today (I know! On a Saturday!). I can't remember whether today is the sports medicine conference, or if it's the day he's volunteering at some science fair thing. It's one of the two, and whichever one it isn't will be the thing he's doing next Saturday.

And that was our week!

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