Friday, January 9, 2015

Blue tongues - Captain's Log, Week 246

What the girls said this week:

Ellie: "Mom, do I need to grow bigger and bigger, like a hundred years old? Like you guys?"

Last night, about 40 minutes after we put the girls to bed, we hear this from their room:
Ellie, yelling: "Zelda, WAKE UP! WAKE UP, ZELDA!"
Jason went in there and explained to Ellie that she and Zelda needed to go to sleep. He left, and about ten minutes later we heard this:
Ellie, yelling: "Zelda, GO BACK TO SLEEP!"

Zelda's new words: "Uh oh," "Ball," Baba for baby, baba for bottle, ba for blankie. (She's really working with all the "b" words)

Lame jokes we came up with this week

(Warning: These are so lame, they could be on popsicle sticks.)

What do you call a bunch of potatoes in a statistics class?
Math potatoes!

How do you know there are ghosts in Yellowstone?
Because the trees are petrified!

What we did this week

Sunday was interesting, because with it being the first week of the new year the primary classes at church were switched up a little (and we teach in primary). We're teaching CTR 6 this year (that's the six-year-olds), so we actually have the same kids we taught last year. One thing that's different for us though is that they moved our class to senior primary since junior primary is really big, which means that we now teach our lesson during the second hour and have sharing time the third hour. (I realize that no one cares about this except us, but it's a big difference in our schedule at church and one that we already really like).

Ellie, being three years old now, had her first week of sunbeam class in Primary on Sunday. And it went well! It was just her and two other little girls. They had sharing time (that's like a lesson and singing some songs) first, and then their class second, and for their class they pretty much played with toys (to help them transition from nursery, where all they do is pretty much play with toys). She liked it so much that when we went to get her when church was over, she tried pushing us out of the room so she could stay and do more playdough. We were both relieved that she did okay; we were nervous about the transition from nursery to primary for her. We realize that the next couple weeks will still be a transition, but we're glad that the first week went okay.

Then on Monday, Jason went back to school! It's definitely been an adjustment having him go back. So far it's been okay; the girls have been playing together a lot this week and it's been really cute.

Other than that, everything this week has been pretty normal! Jason and I have been working on our new goals, and so far they've been going well. I was also able to read a couple books this week (mostly before Jason went back to school) - Five Kingdoms: Sky Raiders by Brandon Mull, File Under: Thirteen Suspicious Incidents by Lemony Snicket; and Shouldn't You Be In School? by Lemony Snicket. They were all good.

Ellie reallllly likes bandaids right now.
Her legs look like this every day.

Here are a couple videos from this week (mostly from Monday) (and if you were to only watch one, I would recommend "Playing in the Closet"):

And here are some pictures of us playing yesterday:

Zelda's been a stinker lately. She knows she isn't supposed to eat crayons, so she'll put them in her mouth and wait for us to look at her, then give us this devious little smile.

Later yesterday afternoon, both Ellie and Zelda chewed up these little self-inking stamps when I wasn't looking. When I looked over and saw them, they had ink all over their faces and bodies. Their mouths were completely dyed; Ellie's was bright blue and Zelda's was blood red.

I gave them a bath and scrubbed at the ink, but you could still see it pretty well afterwards. I'm hoping it fades more today!

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  1. Thanks for posting videos. I miss the girls so much!


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