Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Yesterday's Travels

Well, we made it! We're in California. Ellie's in Nana's playroom with her cousins right now and Zelda's running all around the house exploring everything.

Travelling yesterday went all right. It was long, and exhausting, but the girls (especially Ellie) were pretty good.

We left for the airport at 1:30 in the afternoon. We went to JCPenney's first to pick up the girls' pictures we took a couple weeks ago. They are funny; I'll post them this week sometime. After stopping there, we got to the airport about 2:30. We did the "park and ride" thing, where we parked in a far away parking lot and a bus came to pick us up to take us to the terminal. And when we got out of the car it was freezing. Seriously, it was so cold. And we were the only people in the parking lot and we dragged all of our stuff over to the little bus shelter (which was open, with thin walls of plastic), and there was a sign buses only came every twenty minutes! And we were like aaaah, we're going to freeze to death! (Okay, maybe I was like that. Jason was okay.) But luckily a bus came in just like five minutes and we were able to get on and it was sooo warm.

So we got to the airport, checked in, and then got in the security line. They had a bomb sniffing dog, which the girls really liked. After we went past the dog we set Zelda down (we had been carrying her), and she started walking around us. She was wearing her squeaky shoes, so she sounded like squeak squeak squeak squeak! And we heard people laughing and we looked around and suddenly noticed that the bomb sniffing dog was all excited and trying to get to Zelda! Apparently they train the dogs with squeaky toys, and Zelda sounded like his squeaky toy! Everyone was laughing when they saw. The line behind the dog was all backed up because the trainer was just waiting for the dog to calm down. So we picked Zelda up and carried her for the rest of the line. Oops, haha!

Checking in

The rest of the time at the airport was good. The Raleigh airport was all decorated for Christmas, and they had live music everywhere. At the check-in area they had a brass band playing Christmas music, once we got past the security lines there was a lady playing piano Christmas music, and when we were sitting at our terminal four people dressed in Victorian English clothes came by and caroled to us. 

The only other eventful thing that happened while we were waiting to board was when Ellie got so excited that she took her shirt off, lol. Had to get that back on.

Zelda really liked the big windows.

On the airplane, Ellie was really good. She played with the ipad for about half the time, then watched videos on Jason's computer for another couple hours, then slept for the last hour. Zelda was a different story. She didn't like being confined in our row, it was soon past her bedtime, and she was just an unhappy girl. The times she was easiest was when she was walking me up and down the aisle, holding my hand, and when she fell asleep for the last hour and a half.

And now we're here in California! Jason's parents picked us up from the airport, and Jason's sister Tiffany and her family got home almost at exactly the same time we did. So we got to enjoy some cousin time before we went to sleep last night. :) And we're enjoying them right now. So I'm going to go, and spend time with family, haha! I hope you're having a great week!

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