Monday, December 22, 2014

We all fly away on airplanes

Yesterday Alyse, Tanner, and Ezra left. They packed the night before and yesterday morning, and then Jason drove them to the airport and they flew to Texas to see Tanner's family. Ellie was really sad; we didn't tell her they were leaving until a little while before. She was somewhat comforted when we told her that today we would be coming to Nana's house. She kept saying that she wanted everybody to go on the airplane together, though.

Our last couple days together were really fun. On Friday we played at home for a little while, then went to the park.

The park was so cold! Ezra was the only one who didn't seem to notice. He would have played for hours and hours. Even though Ellie had a big coat, she stayed bundled up with Jason the whole time and just snuggled with him on the bench. Zelda took my hand and walked me all around the park a bunch of times.

After we'd been there for a half hour or so and were all pretty cold, we decided to go get lunch and go home. We stopped at Bojangles and picked up some fried chicken, stopped at the grocery store for a couple things, and then went home. The chicken was delicious! Bojangles is great; I wish we had it on the west coast.

I thought this picture was funny. Everyone taking a break on their computers.

That afternoon we decorated sugar cookies. 

Ellie decorated her reindeer with m&ms while we were waiting for Jason to make frosting.

Here are me and Jason's first couple (he made the globe):

 And Alyse and Tanner's:

 All of them together:

That night Alyse and Tanner watched the kids so Jason and I could go out on a date. We drove up to Raleigh; it was the first time we actually saw downtown. It exists! We haven't been able to see it before because there's a wall of trees that blocks it from the freeway. But it's real! We drove around downtown and saw the capitol building. We were planning to go to this one BBQ place up there, but the wait was an hour and a half, so we went to another one closer to Cary. It was a fun little place; it was the old diner-type BBQ place completely decorated in pig collectables and the lady in charge was great. After some people left and it was just us and two other couples at other booths, the lady brought out a full-sized birthday cake with a bunch of candles and sang to the girl next to us. Then she gave everyone cake! It was great, and fun.

Saturday was good too; Jason and I watched the kids in the middle of the day and Tanner and Alyse went out for a lunch date. They drove up to Raleigh, too; they ate at a BBQ place and then explored downtown and went to the capitol building. They went inside and looked all around, and even took part of a tour.

That afternoon and night were fun; after the kids went to bed we all played some games (Slide 5 and "The Not So Newlywed Game").

We really enjoyed having Alyse and Tanner and Ezra here this week, and were sad to see them go.

Ellie gets her wish about flying on an airplane, though, because today's a big day for us - we're flying to California this evening. We've been finishing our packing this morning and we drive to the airport in a couple hours. I'm nervous about how the girls will do on a six-hour flight - I guess we'll see!

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