Friday, December 19, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 243 - the Colemans Visit

What the girls said this week

Ellie's mispronunciations: "Calepittar"=Caterpillar, "Blutterfly"=Butterfly, "Somalami"=Salami, "Pupcake"=Cupcake, "Plause" = Pause

Some words Zelda says (she's said these for a long time, but I'm only remembering now to write them down): "Bubble," and "Mhmm." She's also started to say "woof woof" (every animal says woof woof, according to Zelda), and "baba" for bottle.

Ellie and I were doing a puzzle on Wednesday.
Ellie, to me: "Does this piece go here, my beautiful darling?"

On Wednesday night I went to the girls room in the middle of the night to give Zelda her bottle. Ellie was awake too, and I went over to her and was talking to her softly and stroking her hair.
Ellie: "Mom, I want a little bit of water."
I picked up her sippy cup from the floor and gave it to her. "Here you go."
We both sit quietly for a moment.
Ellie: "Mom?"
Me: "Yes, honey?"
Ellie, still softly and gently: "Get out."

What we did this week

Ellie turned three! Her actual birthday was on Sunday, but we told her that it was Monday because that was the day Alyse and Tanner were coming in, and we wanted to do a birthday party with them that night. So Monday was the exciting day.

One of the funny things from that morning: Jason: "Where do you want to go today?" Ellie: "California!" And a little bit later: Me: "It's your birthday!" Ellie: "Alyse is my birthday."

Ellie's (Monday) birthday was fun; we did pretty much everything she wanted all day (she got lots of chocolate milk, haha). She and Jason made her birthday cake in the middle of the day, which she really enjoyed.

Later that afternoon, Jason went to pick up Alyse and Tanner and Ezra from the airport, and Ellie and Zelda and I made pizza. When they got home, we had Ellie's birthday party! She was so excited that Alyse and Tanner and Ezra were there. And she really enjoyed eating her cake. :)

She was funny with her cake; she liked it but wouldn't blow out the candles. She needed our help to blow them out. :)

On Tuesday we hung out at home and watched a lot of the HGTV show Rehab Addict. The kids had a lot of fun playing together all day.

All of the kids have been sliding down Ellie's birthday slide all week. Ezra has really impressed us all by being able to climb up and slide down all by himself, even with his cast. He's just gotten better and better at it.

To get out of the house that afternoon, we went to the thrift store, and then to the grocery store to pick out some candy for gingerbread houses. Ellie was very enthusiastic about getting candy. She had her own little cart that she was pushing around, and while we were looking at the candy and deciding which would be best for the houses, she wasted no time in filling up her cart with all the candy that she could reach.

Zelda in the check-out line:

 Ezra at home:

Bedtime that night:

After the kids went to bed, we made the gingerbread houses. We planned to decorate them the next day when Ellie was awake, so on Tuesday night we just constructed the houses themselves. We used "royal frosting," the kind that's made of egg meringue and powdered sugar. You can't eat it because of the egg, but it's like glue and great for making the houses strong.

All the houses waiting to be decorated. Jason's is the tall, temple-like one in the back; mine is in the back middle, Alyse's is on the front left, Tanner's is in the front middle, and the one that Jason made for Ellie is on the far right.

Wednesday morning did not go according to plan. Ellie was scheduled to have her three-year check up at the doctor's. But when she woke up that morning, she was not herself. She was lying on the couch, curled up, and she was miserable. We got her ready to go to the doctor's, and she threw up on the way there. She also threw up when we were in the room with the doctor. The doctor checked her out and prescribed her some zofran, which we were able to pick up from the pharmacy before we went home. (She also threw up on the way home. It was really sad.)

We gave her the zofran when we got home. She drank some chocolate milk after that, and was able to actually keep it down. After watching a couple little shows on TV, she was feeling much better and acting much more like herself.

Once Ellie was feeling a lot better, we decorated the gingerbread houses. It was really fun, and Ellie loved it. All the kids did; Ezra ate a lot of candy and even Zelda was able to scavenge some.

Ellie's finished house. She referred to it as her "masterpiece":

My house:

Jason working on his house/temple:

Alyse working on her houses:

Jason's finished house:

Alyse's houses:

Tanner's tie fighter (with laser beams):

Alyse's family played outside later that day, and Tanner and Ezra raked up all the leaves.

That night the kids got to talk to Grandma and Aunt Sydney on google chat.

Yesterday we  stayed home and hung out. In the afternoon we all got outside and took a long walk through our neighborhood.

Last night we watched multiple cheesy Christmas movies. One that's cheesy but that we actually really enjoy is "Christmas Do-over." It's kind of like Groundhog's Day, but with Christmas. Jason and I watched in on Hulu a couple years ago, and we found somewhere on the internet to watch it for free again last night.

And that's been our week so far! Today we plan on going to the park and then decorating Christmas cookies.

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