Friday, December 12, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 242

What the girls said this week

We were talking to Ellie, who wanted to go to Nana's house. And we were telling her that when we got to the top of our paper chain, then we would go on an airplane to get there.
Ellie: "Oh, in the sky?"
Us: "Yeah."
Ellie: "Are we going to drive to Nana's house?"
Jason: "If by driving you mean airplane, then yes."
Ellie: "Are we going to drive Alyse's airplane to Nana's house, with Alyse and Ezra?"
(Ever since Alyse visited us last time and flew home, Ellie's been convinced Alyse owns/flies an airplane.)

Ellie always wants chocolate milk, and to get it we usually make her do something else (like, if you eat this apple you can have chocolate milk, or, if you clean up your toys you can have chocolate milk). Well, she was sitting next to Jason on the couch this week and all the sudden said, "I get chocolate milk if I tag Daddy." She poked him with her hand. "I tagged Daddy! I get chocolate milk now!"

Lately Ellie has been calling all crackers "graham crackers." So this week when I offered her a Ritz cracker and she wanted an actual graham cracker, she told me, "No, I want the graham crackers that are like rectangles."

Ellie: "Mom, can you help me take off my pantsy-wantsys?" (The funny thing here is that we never call them that.)

Words Ellie mispronounces: Elevator = "Elelator," Candy canes = "Cookie canes," Granola bars = "Ganilla bars"

Ellie: "I'm completely angry." (She wasn't, she was just playing, but we thought the "completely" was funny.)

Me, attempting to tell Ellie a story: "Once upon a time there was a girl named Goldilocks."
Ellie: "No, Grandpa."
Me: "Once upon a time there was a girl named Grandpa."
Ellie: "No, a boy."
Me: "Once upon a time there was a boy named Grandpa."
(I then told her a story about Grandpa going to the beach, which she took over and told me instead.)

The girls were playing in their room down the hall. We heard a door close, and Zelda started crying. Ellie ran into the family room, and then casually sat down on a couch and told Jason: "Daddy, I got rid of Zelda."

Kid in our primary class last week, as he was saying the closing prayer: "And thank you for the candy canes, of the brand of Dum Dum."

What we did this week

Not much, and a lot at the same time. For the majority of the week, we stayed home and lazed out. But we did do a couple productive things - I went to the dentist, we took Ellie to the dentist, and we took the girls to get their pictures taken.

We took Ellie to a pediatric dentist office that we were recommended by a friend, and it was really good.  Here's the waiting room that the girls did not want to leave:

Even after Ellie's appointment was done, we stayed so they could play with everything a little bit more and be satisfied.

Also, this week I put Ellie in what was my favorite shirt as a kid. I loved this polka dot blue shirt. I remember when I outgrew it, and my mom wouldn't let me wear it any more - it was tragic. But now Ellie can wear it! Here's me and my mom, circa 1991, and Ellie now:

The day we took the girls to get pictures was on Wednesday. My grandma gave them very pretty dresses last year that just now fit them perfectly, and I wanted to get some professional pictures of them in them. But when I started looking online, I was shocked at the prices of photographers! I could have taken pictures myself, but I wanted real studio pictures, so I kept looking. And then I found a Groupon for JC Penney portraits, for $16 for three digital images on a CD. And I was like, done! So I bought the Groupon and made the appointment, and took them in on Wednesday.

It was an...experience. The girls were not cooperative. I wanted to get a picture of the two girls together, but Zelda kept walking out of frame. We couldn't get her to stay where we put her. And Ellie started to get really excited and silly, and getting floppy and falling backwards and making weird faces and melting into a puddle like she had no bones. Ugh. It was a nightmare. A funny nightmare, looking back, but incredibly exasperating at the time. At the end of it, we came out with three pictures (a very cute one of Zelda by herself and two kind of funny ones of the girls together). We can't pick up the pictures for a week or so (apparently it takes that long to burn them on a CD), but when we get them I'll post them here.

Something else from this week is that Jason and I have been catching up on movies. We've rented from Redbox for the last three nights in a row, so we've now seen How to Train Your Dragon 2, Earth to Echo, and Guardians of the Galaxy. 

Oh, and yesterday I started organizing random closets because I felt like spring cleaning, except in the winter. So, winter cleaning.

And honestly, that was pretty much our whole week!

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  1. When my kids were younger, my one son was horrible. I would want to cry. Luckily, he got better.


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