Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Zelda Turns One

If you can believe it, Zelda turned one year old on Sunday.

There is so much to say about this wonderful girl, and I feel so inadequate to say it. How can I fully describe in words her personality? She is quiet, smart, funny, thoughtful, sweet, loving, and tough. She is an absolute blessing to our family. We are so grateful for the joy that she brings us every day. We love you, Zelda.

On Monday night, we did her birthday dinner with some of our ward missionaries. We ate a roast and chocolate cake, and blew up some balloons for the girls.

Zelda started to go for the cake with her fork at first, but I grabbed her fork so I had a moment to get the camera, and when I put the fork back on her tray she had already decided to go for the cake with her hands. She had such a funny reaction to the cake - it was almost like she was offended by it. She was definitely repulsed. Like, "What is this slimy, weird thing that you've put before me?"

She spent several moments opening and closing her cake-covered fist:

Ellie, when she saw all the pictures I was taking of Zelda, said "Take a picture of me, Mom!" She was eating her cake with her hands, too, to be like Zelda. :)

Zelda, being disgusted by the cake:

After several minutes of playing with the cake and getting used to it, Zelda eventually decided it wasn't all that bad.

We are so grateful for Zelda. Happy first birthday, wonderful girl!

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  1. How cute! One of my kids refused to touch his cake, he bent down to eat it. It was funny.


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