Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Creature Powers

Lately Ellie's become obsessed with a show called "Wild Kratts." It's about these two brothers (named Chris and Martin) and their team of friends that save animals around the globe. These two women scientists on their team make them these special suits with "creature powers" that can do things that the animals they're studying can do - the cheetah suits run fast, the gecko suits have sticky feet, etc.

Most of the time when referring to the show, Ellie calls it "Creature Powers." ("I want to watch Creature Powers!") She also refers to the two main characters (Chris and Martin) as "creature powers" and imaginary plays with them all over the house. (For example, "Mom! Creature Powers are falling down! Creature Powers, can you hear me? Creature Powers, Can. You. Hear. Me. Mom, Creature Powers can't hear me because they're in a cave!") She acts like she's holding them in her hand (on the show they can get really small sometimes), and talks to them and has imaginary little play scenes with them.

When we had leftover balloons from Zelda's birthday last week, Ellie got a green balloon and a blue balloon and started calling them Chris and Martin. (Those are the colors the brothers always wear on the show.)

Meanwhile, Zelda is sprouting up like a bean pole. She just had her first year appointment last week and they measured her height then, and I kind of want to measure her again because I swear she's grown a couple inches in the last week. She suddenly just looks longer and taller than she did before. And I noticed last night that the pajamas that used to be a couple inches too big for her (just a few weeks ago) are now stretched out all the way on her tall little body.

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