Friday, November 28, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 240

What the girls said this week

Ellie: "Mom, is it time to call Grandpa? Because he's alive?"

One day this week Ellie wanted me to tell her the story of the three little pigs and the Big Bad Wolf, but then just a few moments into the story she wanted me to include Zurg (from Toy Story) as well, and then eventually she wanted me to stop talking about the wolf and only talk about Zurg as the bad guy.

The girls are taking a bubble bath.
Ellie: (Puts bubbles on Zelda's back) "Mom, I made Zelda a dog!" (Because the bubbles were like a tail.) "She's my favorite dog."

What we did this week

Well, Jason shaved his glorious mustache.

He's been growing it out for "Movember," which, I just learned this year, is about raising awareness for men's health issues. Jason even made this cool infographic for it:

All the guys in Jason's class grew mustaches for it. Jason started out growing a beard, then transitioned to a handlebar mustache, then to a traditional mustache. He would have kept growing it until the very end of the month, but their PA class took their official class pictures this week, and unless he wanted it immortalized, Jason needed to shave it. The guys all took a mustache picture together last Friday, and then shaved their mustaches over the weekend in time for the class pictures on Monday.

Here's Jason's handlebar mustache:

Oh, and the girls grew mustaches too:

I kept doing double-takes whenever I saw Jason the day he shaved his mustache. It's surprising what a big difference it makes.

Other things from this week: 

Zelda always likes to carry Ellie's clean underwear around the house. She'll go and empty the underwear drawer and just carry pairs of underwear around all the time. Well, one day this week she brought me some underwear, then sat down in my lap and raised her foot like she does when it's time to put on socks. She wanted to wear the underwear! She brought me like five pairs in a row to put on. So in these pictures below Zelda's wearing something like six pairs of underwear. Such a big girl, haha! :)

Ellie pulled several tissues out of the kleenex box one day and put them all over the high chair, then told me, "I made a Christmas chair!"

Two days later, she did the same thing again, except this time she put the tissues over all the other chairs at the table.

This guy was hanging out on our driveway when we got home from church last Sunday:

He was just sitting there, not moving. I was able to get really close to take this picture. Then I was just looking at him, until I imagined him somehow flying backwards into my face, at which point I decided I'd seen enough of him and ran inside.

One day this week I was making a phone call to the girl's doctor's office, so I shut myself in the office for like five minutes to not be disturbed. Right as I was done, I heard a really soft knock on the door. I opened it, and Zelda was right there, looking up at me, and reaching up to hand me the cup full of juice she'd been drinking, whose lid was now askew.

"Uh oh, did this open?" I asked her. Then my eyes went beyond her - little puddle of juice by the bathroom door, little puddle of juice in the middle of the hall, big puddle of juice on the other side of the hall, Ellie yelling from the playroom "Zelda made a mess!", final puddle of juice on the carpet in their bedroom.  Lol. That's what I get for not watching for five minutes. It actually wasn't that bad to clean up; the hall just took a minute with a towel, and my dad just gave me a carpet cleaner for my birthday and I was able to use that to clean up the juice on the rug in the playroom and the juice on the carpet of the girls' bedroom.

On a similar note, I was in the office doing something another day this week, and the girls got really quiet. After a few minutes of suspicious silence, I decided to go check on them. When I got to the kitchen, I found this:

They'd gotten the Nesquick container down, and were eating chocolate powder.

Ellie did this.

On Tuesday the girls were playing together really cute. Ellie was "running away" from Zelda and hiding behind a curtain in our room, and Zelda was coming and finding her over and over.

On Wednesday I tried to make cheesecake. It turned out all right; it tasted good (especially when warm), but I think I whipped it too much at the end and it didn't really have the right consistency for cheesecake. It was my first attempt, though, so I'm sure it'll get better in the future.

And then yesterday was Thanksgiving! We got together with some other people from our ward. It was really nice to be able to spend a cozy, fun night with friends, and all of the food was delicious. And Ellie and Zelda liked getting to play with their dogs and with other little kids. And we have turkey leftovers in our fridge now, mmm. I think I'll go make a turkey quesadilla for lunch, actually. That sounds good.

I hope you had a good week! Happy Thanksgivng!


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