Saturday, November 22, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 239

What the girls said this week

Jason: "Ellie, should we chop all your hair off?"
Ellie: "No! I want it beautiful like this." (strokes hair)

Ellie was eating a sugar packet at a restaurant.
Me: "Ellie, what does that taste like?"
Ellie: "It tastes like...imagination."

Ellie talked to Jason's mom on the phone one night. After that phone call, she told Jason, "I want to call Grandpa now!"
Jason: "Grandpa? Who's that?"
Ellie: "He's the silly boy!"

In primary at church the primary song leader was asking about the city of Bethlehem, because it was in the song the kids were singing.
Primary leader: "Is Bethlehem next door?"
All the kids: "Nooo!"
Kid in me and Jason's class: "No! It's very far away!"
Primary leader: "How far away is it?"
Same kid in me and Jason's class: "It's very far! It's like, back in the eighties!"

What we did this week

I reached a milestone this week on my blog - 500 posts. My post on Sunday, How Firm a Foundation, was my 500th post.

Last Friday Jason and I decided to go out to eat for date night - which we never do - and take the girls. We went to Applebees, and they both actually did really well! Zelda started to get really wiggly/grabby towards the end of the meal, but overall it went okay! It was nice to be able to go out to a restaurant for once.

Saturday and Sunday were pretty normal (and pretty cold - the temperature's been dropping!) and then on Monday it was kind of warm and rainy. The girls played outside in the rain a couple times that day:

Bath time sometime later:

Other things we did this week: Jason had a couple tests that he was studying for a lot, and the girls and I just did our regular thing. I got to talk to some of my old roommates on Tuesday night (on google chat), and that was awesome! One other fun thing from this week is that we got a diaper shipment from Amazon, and since it had both Zelda's diapers and Ellie's pullups in came in a BIG cardboard box. And with some tape and a knife, Jason made it into a little playhouse for the girls!

It's so cute and the girls (especially Ellie) love playing with it. I like it too, since it's situated right over a heat vent. It's like a little sauna at nigh time. Jason took this picture of me, inside, reading the other night (I don't quite fit all the way, which is why my feet are sticking out):

And here the girls are playing in it the next day:

I love it. I hope it lasts for a really really long time. 

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