Friday, November 7, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 237

What the girls said this week

There was a day this week where, most of the day, Ellie referred to herself in third person as "the T-Rex."

One day this week Ellie and I were at our dining table, and she said "Mom, I want a kiss!" And she gave me a kiss on my cheek. Then she said, "Eskimo kisses!" and we did the "kiss" where you rub your noses together. Then she said, "Now cow kiss! Moooo! Moooo!" And started mooing with her face on my face.

Ellie, in the car: "Mom, I want to be...fireman."

Jason was helping Ellie read, using "The Ensign."
Jason: "Look, this is a name!" and sounded out Jesus's name: "Jah...eee...suh...sus... Cah...ra...i...sss...t... Jesus Christ!"
Ellie: "Amen."

Ellie: "Mom, I need a towel. I need your shirt. Your shirt is a towel."

Ellie: "Look, zebras! Does zebra start with z, z?"

Ellie (playing with playdough) to me: "This is Emily, and this is Ellie, and I'm making you now. Your body. Your giant body."

Ellie: "I colored myself into a T-Rex!" (She was covered in marker.)

Ellie read something this week! We were in church, and there was a door near us with the sign "Do not open door." Ellie was starting at it, and then she said to Jason, "Dad, it says 'do not.'" (She said "do" like "dough.") ! :D!

Yesterday Ellie was playing with playdough, and she came up to Jason and said, "Daddy, eat this apple!" So he picked up the playdough to "eat" and immediately she said, "It's poison." He said, "Oh no, I can't eat this, it's poison!" And she giggled and insisted he eat it anyway. So he pretended to eat it, and then pretended to collapse on the floor, and she had to wake him up with a magic kiss. We did that a couple times, with her switching off between feeding Jason or me the poison apple. A couple minutes later she was playing in the playroom, and she called out, "Mom, my poison cake is done!" I went in there and she had a big thing of playdough she was sticking popsicle sticks into, and according to Ellie the popsicle sticks were candles that she was going to blow out.

Boy in our primary class: "When I grow up I'm going to be a Jedi, because Jedi's families don't die."

What we did this week

Well, Friday was Halloween!

We had a really fun day. The girls and I played at home (including outside, in our very fall-y looking yard) while Jason was at school.

When he got home, Ellie painted her pumpkin and we put it on the porch with me and Jason's.

Then the girls got dressed up in their Halloween costumes. Zelda was an elephant (like Ellie was two years ago) and Ellie was a black cat.

At six o'clock, we met up with our across-the-street neighbors Lacrecia  and Kai (Kai is a couple years older than Ellie, and they love each other) (also, Kai was Batman) and went trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. It was great, and Ellie had lots of fun. Also, at one point close to the end I was talking about heading back, and Ellie interjected and made the argument that we needed to go to more houses, because there was still space in her bag and she needed to fill it with candy. We did go to a couple more houses for her after that, haha. Then we walked back home, put the girls in bed, and watched Psych while giving trick-or-treaters candy.

On Sunday, it was Zelda's birthday!! She turned one year old.

I posted a couple pictures of her eating cake earlier this week; if you'd like to see those, click here: Zelda Turns One. She also had her one-year check up at the doctor's on Monday. In addition to getting her shots, they took her measurements: she's 18 pounds 1/2 ounce (the 8th percentile for weight), 28 1/2 inches tall (31st percentile for height), and 18 3/8 inches head diameter (90th percentile for head size). Little baby, big head. :)

This blue rocking horse is one of the presents she go this week. Ellie was so excited when this came; she sat on it for pretty much the whole first day. We told her it was for Zelda's birthday, and she said, "It's for her birthday for me."

The next day (on Monday) I thought I'd be creative and make a background out of party streamers to take some "one year pictures" of Zelda. It took me her whole naptime to make the streamer background and put it up, and then when she woke up from her nap...she was terrified of it. Every time I put her in front of it she'd run to me, crying. Sooo that didn't work. But Ellie wanted to take pictures! So I dressed her up and we had an Ellie photoshoot instead. :)

Later we went out and played on the deck.

Ellie, reaching for the camera.
And this is the picture she took! I think it's cool.

And this picture's random, but look at this cool grape that was in our bag of grapes this week! It's conjoined twin grapes. They're connected internally and come off of one stem. I've never seen anything like it before! Kinda cool, huh?

The rest of our week has been pretty normal. Jason's been studying a ton, and the girls and I are locked in a never ending cycle of them messing up the house and me cleaning up after them. I took Ellie to storytime at the libary on Wednesday, but she didn't want to sit in the middle and listen to the stories, she wanted to sit on the far edge and do puzzles the whole time. But, she was happy, so so was I. While we were there I was able to get the last four books of the Anne of Green Gable series.

The two books I've been reading this week are "Anne's House of Dreams" by L.M. Montgomery (number five in the Anne series) and "The Blood of Olympus" by Rick Riordan (the fifth and final book in the "Heroes of Olympus" series). They're both really good and I'm loving reading them. It's so awesome to have good books to read!

Oh, we also finished the whole TV series Psych this week. While we thought season 8 was kind of choppy in general and jumped around a lot, we both really like the last episode and thought it was a good series finale.

One thing Jason and Ellie have been doing lately is some free online preschool class things through Khan Academy. Ellie loves doing it with him, and requests it all the time. She calls it "Elliebells," because that's her screen name. They answer math questions and stuff like that together, and when she answers enough questions she gets new little avatar things that look like Pokemon, and she gets really excited.

And that's pretty much our whole week!

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