Friday, October 31, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 236

Jason's pumpkin of Maleficent!

What the girls said this week

This week we got craisins (cranberry raisins) for the first time, and yesterday I asked Ellie if she'd like to eat some. She said yes, so I got her a bowl and she was sitting at the table eating them. Suddenly she asked, "Mom, do 'craisins' start with a K?" She wasn't looking at the package or anything, she was just thinking about the sounds in her mind. I told her yes, because it does have the "k" sound and didn't want to confuse her with the hard C/soft C thing just yet. Later that afternoon she was watching Paw Patrol and suddenly asked me "Mom, does Paw Patrol start with a P?" and a couple minutes later, "Does 'puppy' start with a P?" Again, she wasn't looking at printed words anywhere, she was just thinking about the sounds and made the connection.

Also, this week Ellie has been telling us "Zero!" if she wants us to stop talking or stop doing something. For example- Me: "Twinkle twinkle little-" Ellie: "No! Zero!" or, "Here, Ellie, let me help you put your shoe on." Ellie: "Stop! Zero!"

What we did this week

Last Saturday we went to our church Halloween party! It was so fun and well put together. There was lots of yummy food (it was a chili cook-off) and several activities for little kids. Ellie got to go "fishing," do a kind of music-walk thing, wrap me up in toilet paper to look like a mummy, and go trunk-or-treating.

Ellie loved trunk-or-treating. She got the hang of it real fast, too. She'd go up to a car, say "Trick or treat!" in her adorable little two-year-old voice, they'd give her a candy, and then she'd say "Thank you!" and move on to the next car. She really loved it. Jason and I told her that she gets to go trick or treating again tonight, and she's really excited.

I tried to get a picture of the girls before the part, both dressed like black cats.

At the party:

Everything else this week has been pretty low-key. I've read a lot; since the last time I talked about books on the blog a couple weeks ago I've read the next three in the Anne of Green Gables series - Anne of Avonlea, Anne of the Island, and Anne of Windy Poplars. I'm enjoying them immensely. It's funny, because I really had to work to get through the first book - Anne's personality was just so big and kind of overbearing. But she mellowed out, and the book got easier to read, and I decided to go ahead and read the second one. And now I'm on the fifth one, and can't wait to read the last couple in the series! I'd definitely recommend this series to anyone, with the warning that you might find Anne's personality a little bit overwhelming in the first book but it's worth it to push forward. 

We're also starting to build up our food storage. Pasta was on sale at the grocery store this week and we got a whole bunch of it. We put it up on the top, unused shelf in our laundry room. I'm excited that we're finally really working on food storage; we haven't really the whole time we've been married but now we're starting, so woohoo!

Oh, also I put grass seed on some patchy spots in our side yard, and have been watering that every day. I hope it'll start filling out soon.

Anyway, back to the cuties. Here's Zelda trying to use a plastic turtle shell as a pacifier:

Ellie told me that these raisin/cheese combinations were dogs. A daddy dog on the left, and Ellie dog on the right:

One morning this week it was really really misty outside. It made all the spiderwebs look super dewy and cool. Here's one from our lawn:

Ellie after playing with watercolors yesterday:

Last Friday we had a really fun date. We planned to watch a couple episodes of Psych season 8 (which we're finally now getting to), and Jason planned some kind of extra surprise for the date, but of course didn't tell me what it was (being a surprise and all). When we sat down to watch Psych, I went to get a drink from the kitchen, and he asked if I could grab the fancy chocolate we'd just bought, too. When I picked the chocolate up off the shelf, I could feel that the cardboard wrappers were empty. When I opened them up, I found:

So Jason and I got a plastic baggy and put some jellybeans inside, then took it to the dryer. When we opened the dryer up, we found the following notes along with a Zelda-sized diaper:

The "bear box" is a little wooden box in the girls' playroom. We took a cookie over and opened the box up, and found the following notes and a pacifier:

So we went to the closet in our room. When we walked in, the following note was on a hanger in front of us:

We shut the closet door, and then Jason's phone started ringing somewhere in the closet. Looking up, I saw it stuffed into one of the girls' stuffed animal puppets. I pulled it out of the puppet. A number (my number) without a name but with a picture: 

Had sent a text that said "Find the super magnet, pull the super magnet." The "super magnet" is a crazy strong magnet/stud finder that we have. The girls usually like to play with it by the fire place, so that's where I went to find it. It was by the fire place on top of the metal air conditioner register in the floor. I pulled it up, and found Zelda's favorite book ("The Camera") and this clue:

So I looked at everything we'd found with the clues - a diaper, a pacifier, a stuffed animal, a picture of little feet, Zelda's favorite book - and knew who our chocolate thief was. Zelda. Of course. And from Zelda's favorite book, "The Camera," and some hints from Jason, I realized I had to look on the camera. When I turned on the little camera and looked at the pictures, this is what I found:

Clearly, Zelda had hidden the chocolate in the diaper bag under our bed. And when we went there to check, there it was! And we were able to rescue the chocolate and eat it during our date. :)

Tonight, Halloween, will be our next date night, and we'll probably spend the night watching more Psych episodes and handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. We're going to take Ellie and Zelda around about 6, and I am so excited! They are so cute, and will be so cute in their costumes, and I just can't wait to show them off.

Jason and I carved our pumpkins last night so that they'd be nice and fresh for today. This year, Jason carved Maleficent! She's raising her staff and making lightning. She is SO COOL! Jason is so talented; I can't get over it. Here is his Maleficent:

And both of our pumpkins together, haha.

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