Saturday, October 25, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 235

As I mentioned in my last Captain's Log, my sister Alyse came to visit us during this last week. I have so many pictures from her trip that I can't fit them all in this post, so I'm going to do three posts that will cover the last two weeks - one today, one tomorrow, and one on Sunday.

What the girls said this week

Ellie: "My ears look so wasky. This one looks wasky."

Ellie, after coloring on her face with yellow highlighter: "I look like a yellow lion!"
Then, roaring: "Take a picture of my rawr rawr!"

Alyse: "It's kind of amazing how - I don't even remember what I was going to say."

Jason: "Can I have one grape?"
Ellie: "Okay! But no."

Ellie: "Is this oatmeal?"
Jason: "Yeah, that's uncooked oatmeal."
Ellie: "I want to uncook the oatmeal."

What we did this week

So, since I'm splitting the pictures from the last two weeks up, the pictures in this post are all actually from last week before Alyse got here (and she flew in on Thursday, the 16th). I'll repeat last post's quick summary of the week these pictures are from (Oct 11 to the 16): "Jason had Saturday class on the 11th, we did a big grocery shopping trip and I made a bunch of new freezer meals for the next month, we had church on Sunday, Jason had class Monday, Tuesday, and then only half of Wednesday and then got Thursday and Friday off for Fall Break, I had my birthday on Tuesday, and my sister Alyse and her son Ezra flew in on Thursday."

My birthday was really good. The girls and I played outside a lot; it rained in the morning, which they loved, and then we played down in the grass later. Here they are playing in the rain on the deck:

This picture's so blurry but I like it.

And then downstairs a while later:

"Mom, take a picture of my two hands!"

Later Jason made some birthday cupcakes and they were delicious. :) 

Oh yeah! I just remembered that on Saturday when we did our big grocery shopping trip, I left my wallet at the grocery store but didn't realize until Wednesday. Luckily, when I called the store, they had my wallet at customer service, safe and sound. Our neighbor Lacrecia was over when I called the store, and she was nice enough to drive me up to town to go get it.

Some other funny things: Ellie has been stacking her books against the wall lately, like this:

She's funny with her books. When we first moved into this house, she stuck them all under her bed and that's where she wanted them to stay. After a couple weeks, once we convinced her it was really hard to read the books when they were under her bed, she stuck them all under Zelda's crib. That only lasted a little while, and then for the last couple months we've been able to keep them on the bookshelf (except for when the girls pull them down, of course, which happens to some extent every day, and which is just fine). But now she's stacking them all against the wall (the stack got longer since I took this picture), and then standing on top of the stack and telling us she's climbing the "clock."

The girls lying down together.

Something Zelda's been doing lately is sticking both hands above her head. She's got such a big head and such little arms that her hands only reach the top of her head, but she loves raising her hands and if we yell something like "Raise your hand if you're cute!" she'll immediately stick her hands into the air. Then sometimes she'll kind of feel her head/hair like, "Hmm, this is interesting."

Oh, and yesterday marked the first time Ellie stuck something up her nose. She and I were outside together, and I was pulling weeds by the mailbox. She was playing with the bushes for a long time, picking off the berry/seed things and putting them on an anthill. Then I noticed her breathing funny, and I looked at her and realized she was trying to get something out of her nose. She had shoved a berry thing up her right nostril. I couldn't get her to blow it out (she didn't understand my instructions), so I took her in to Jason and with his help she blew it out of her nose and was okay. 

So that's all for this installment of "what we did the last two weeks!" Tune in tomorrow for the post that will cover all of Alyse's and Ezra's visit, which was sooo fun! I hope you have a great Saturday!

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