Friday, October 10, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 233

What the girls said this week

So this section, which has mostly been "What Ellie said this week" for months and months, will probably be changing to "What the girls said this week," because Zelda is beginning to talk. It's very early, very baby-ish talking, but she's starting to say things.

What Zelda can say so far: "Dada," (that's her favorite, she's been saying that all the time for months), she can say "Mama," although she rarely says that one (but she did say it to me last night, and it made me so happy!), "Bababa" for byebye (she says this to Jason when he leaves in the morning, and waves), "Bapa" for apple, "Nanana" for Nana (she used this one the week Jason's mom visited us), "Caaa! Caaa!" for cat, "Sada" for Zelda, and "Mmhmm" for mmhmm. My two favorite are her newest ones - "Sada" for her own name (she's said it several times this week, right after we say her name), and the "Mmhmm" sound when we ask her questions. It's so cute to ask her something and have her reply "Mmhmm."

Ellie: "Mom, look! I'm running super fast. I'm a rocket ship!"

Ellie's been storing her favorite books this week by the air vent in her room, leaned up against the wall. I put them away back in the bookshelf two days ago, which upset her when she saw what I had done. Then yesterday she came out of her room, having just put the books back by the airvent, and said to me and Jason: "Don't do it again, Daddy, or you'll be in trouble. Don't do it again, or you'll be in trouble. You too Mommy, don't do it again." and she waved her finger at us.

What we did this week

Well, first of all we had General Conference last weekend! Some of my favorite quotes from this conference are:

Elder Holland, in his talk on why we need to care for the poor: "I also know that although I may not be my brother’s keeper, I am my brother’s brother, and 'because I have been given much, I too must give.'"

Elder Lynn G. Robbins: "Courage is not just one of the cardinal virtues, but as C. S. Lewis observed: 'Courage is … the form of every virtue at the testing point.'"

Elder Quentin L Cook: "It is important to rise above rationalizations and make the best choices."

And I absolutely loved Elder Bednar's talk, "Come and See," and completely understand and agree with him when he said: "The invitations we extend to you to learn about and test our message grow out of the positive effects the gospel of Jesus Christ has had in our lives. Sometimes we may be awkward or abrupt or even relentless in our attempts. Our simple desire is to share with you the truths that are of greatest worth to us."

Other things we did this week: Ellie spelled "Dog!" We had no idea she knew how to, but she was playing with her letters over by the window and called out to us, "Look! I spelled 'dog!'" And when we looked, we were astonished to see that she had indeed spelled dog. Way to go Ellie!

Other than General Conference, our main activities this week were school (for Jason) and staying home and playing (for me and the girls). Here's us playing dress-up:

This week I took the girls to story time at the library for the first time, too. Ellie did as good as I could have hoped for her first time, and we'll definitely be going back. It also gave me a chance to return a huge load of books, and check out the sequels to Anne of Green Gables. I got the next couple in the series. We also went to another library in the area this week, and I got a couple books from there, too. So this week I read "The School for Good and Evil" and its sequel, "The School for Good and Evil - A World Without Princes" by Soman Chainani. I liked them both - they're original and fun - and their main flaw just seems to be that the plot can be a bit repetitive. I'm looking forward to the next one (there's definitely got to be a third) to see how the series concludes.

On Jason's school front, this week was National PA week! So they did several things for that because, you know, PAs rock. On Monday we went with some of the other people in his class and one of his professors to Sunni Sky's (a great homemade ice cream place) in Angier. It was really fun.

They also took some class pictures this week. Can you spot Jason?

And that was our week! I hope yours was good!

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