Saturday, September 20, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 230

Wow, I just realized that I've been doing our weekly Captain's Log for over a year now. The first "Weekly Roundup" (the precursor to the Captain's Log) was September 6 of last year. Sorry this week's is a day late; we had a busy day yesterday!

What Ellie said this week

I was in the hall, and Ellie was on the couch. Suddenly she called to me,  "Mama, I need a towel for the pee."
Me: "Ellie, did you go pee on the couch?"
Ellie: "No, I need a towel for the pee."
Me: "Elllllie, you shouldn't go pee on the couch. That makes me sad."
Ellie, gently: "Mom, are you getting frustrated?"
So I cleaned up the wet spot and went about my business and forgot about it. Like ten minutes later, all of the sudden Ellie yelled,  "I know what I can do!"
Me: "You do?" (having no idea what she was talking about)
Ellie: "Yes, to make you happy. Play this game!" And she brought the ipad over, with some random app she plays with open.
Then, a minute later (as we were playing with the app), she said: "Mom, are you happy? I'm happy too. And Zelda...has sharp teeth."

Ellie: "Daddy's running, maybe."
Me: "He's at school."
Ellie: "Oh, is Daddy running for school?"

Ellie has a Buzz Lightyear doll. You might remember him from this post. He has a couple buttons on his chest; a couple that make him talk, and one that makes his wings pop out. Well, this week Ellie was really into pretending that she had buttons that made her have wings, and that made her fly. On Sunday before church she said, "I need to press my red button to make me fly. Mommy, press your red button to make you fly! Now press your green button to make you go!" Then she ran around yelling, "I'm flying!" And after that, "Ah, I need to press my red button when I'm dizzy."

I was cleaning up the kitchen and Ellie came in.
Ellie: "What are you pretending to be?"
Me: "I'm pretending to be a cleaner girl."
Ellie: "I want to be a helper girl!"

Me: "Ellie, do you want some popcorn?"
Ellie: "No. Popcorn is poison."

Talking about an app on the ipad. Ellie: "That one's locked, honey mama."

Ellie was trying to show me her graham cracker while I was talking to Jason. Ellie: "Mommy, don't talk! Talks are dangerous." That went along with the day before when I was standing up and she wanted me to sit down next to her and she said, "Mommy, don't stand up! Standing is dangerous."

Ellie, sighing: "It's a long day for me."

Jason and Ellie were checking the weather on his phone, and then she took his phone and said, "I  need to check your brains for a minute." Then she said, looking at the phone, "They're getting littler." And Jason and I were like, "Oh no, that's not good! Quick, Ellie, fix it." And then she kind of touched his shirt pocket and said, "Ope, they're big again!"

We were playing with blocks one day and Ellie was getting a little frustrated. Then she told me, "I'm confrusting, mama."

Ellie was playing with her little plastic dinosaurs. She started looking around, and asked me, "Mom, where's the trains?" She wanted to play with dinosaurs and trains at the same time. She wanted to play Dinosaur Train.

Ellie was taking video with Jason's phone this week, and he told her, "Ellie, say 'I'm cute!' and 'Zelda's cute!'" She did, but then she started walking around and giggling and saying things to the phone like, "The wall is cute! The wall is cute!" over and over. 

What we did this week

Well, we got to play with puppies. Here are pictures of that joyous event:

Ellie's face in these next two cracks me up:

They're our neighbors', and they're really sweet.

We also went exploring in the woods. This is in our backyard. For real.:

Zelda's really liked putting stuff around her shoulder this week. Toys (like the one below), the dress-up shawl, washcloths, basically whatever will stay there. And she'll put them there and just walk around and play with them around her shoulders.

Ellie and I were watercoloring one time this week, and she wanted to write "Daddy." She had me write the letters, but she told me which letters to write. "It starts with a D...and then a E...and then another D! That spells Daddy!" hahahaha :)


And here are just all the other pictures from this week! It was a pretty standard week - church on Sunday, Jason had school and studied all week, and the girls and I did a bunch of random stuff. That's our life!

Zelda's first ponytail!
Zelda figured out this week how to pull this spider along while she's walking. She was so delighted that she was giggling as she did it.
Both girls love this turtle inner tube. Zelda just goes and sits in it all the time.

We actually went to the park twice on Thursday. We went for a playdate in the morning, and then again in the afternoon because we picked Jason up from school and he needed to go to this retirement home for an assignment from school, and we played there while he was at the retirement home: (yay run-on sentence!)

Zelda started crawling up this thing, and actually made it all the way up!

Other stuff from this week: We went to the library last Saturday. (Yay!) We got lots of books for the girls, which Ellie has just been wanting to read over and over again all week. I finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and have been reading other bits of Harry Potter trivia on JK Rowling's site "Pottermore." I've also started "Five Kingdoms - Sky Raiders" by Brandon Mull. I've also been working on a photo book on Shutterfly to take advantage of their 50% off sale that goes through next Wednesday. Jason's had lots of school and lots of studying. Ellie's been energetic and funny and frustrating and cute and very Ellie. Zelda's been adorable and just keeps getting bigger and older.

Finally, here are two adorable videos from this week. Zelda playing in the bathtub, and Ellie making "formula pizza" for Zelda.

And that was our week!


  1. Love you guys! Zelda is looking so big and adorable! I'm curious... how long do you let Ellie play on your ipad every day? We are just trying to figure out how long we want to allow Piper. We feel like it is such an educational thing, and it helps a lot during violin lessons and things. But it is REALLY hard to take it away... What do you guys do for a "timer" or something and how long does she usually play :)

    1. We try to limit her ipad time too, but it's always hard to find a balance. Usually after she's been playing for a while, we'll just tell her, "Okay, you can play for twenty more minutes, and then we're going to play with something else." And then count down in five minute intervals before taking it away. Or sometimes when she asks to play with it we'll tell her it's "on vacation" or "taking a nap." We're still trying to figure it out, too!


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