Friday, September 5, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 228

What Ellie said this week

(Note: a pteranodon is a kind of dinosaur.)
Ellie: "Mom, I'm going to draw a pteranodon. First the black part, then the mustache."

Pointing to something on the ipad: "Mom, it's new, check it out!"

One day this week I was talking to Alyse on the phone, and Zelda was in my lap. Suddenly Zelda took her pacifier out of her mouth, stuck it in my mouth, and tried to grab the phone.

Ellie: "Mom, I'm going to paint Onyx the turtle." - Okay, you know the cat that lives next door but is always over here? His name's Onyx. But we don't call him that. We call him Cat the Cat. Then this week, our neighbor LaCrecia brought over a turtle a couple times, and Ellie got to play with him. And then Ellie started calling him Onyx. So, Onyx is Cat the Cat and the wild turtle is Onyx.

Ellie: "I want cheesecake!" Jason told Ellie that stacked cheese is cheesecake. So Ellie will sometimes request cheesecake, meaning little squares of cheese that we cut up that she can stack on top of each other and eat that way. So actual cheese = cheescake.

Me, making something on the stove: "Do we touch hot stuff?"
Ellie: "No."
Me: "How come? Why not?...Because it could burn us."
Ellie: "Yeah, and we could die. That could die us."

Jason was leaving for school, and the girls were at the door watching him get in the car. Zelda was crying, and Ellie started patting her softly on the back.
Ellie: "Zelda, Daddy's going to school, honey. It's okay, don't cry. Daddy's going to school, honey."

What we did this week

Zelda has been climbing all over the place. You know how last week I told you she's started walking? Well, she's gotten really really good at it, and has now moved on to climbing. Climbing on Ellie's stool, climbing on the little blue ikea chairs, and even climbing on top of their green table. She does it all by herself; I really have to keep an eye on her, because she does it so fast!


Other things from this week: Ellie's been wanting to do Family Home Evening pretty much every night. She loves it.

On Monday (the night we usually have family home evening every week) before dinner Ellie sat down on the couch and said, "Let's do family home evening!" and Jason and I looked at each other like, oh yeah, it's Monday, we do need to do family home evening. So we said okay. We told her we needed to sing an opening song, and she immediately started singing the ABCs. When we finished, we also sang "I am a Child of God." Then we (she, with our help) said an opening prayer. I grabbed an Ensign for our lesson, and we went through and looked at the pictures and talked about them. Then we told Ellie it was time for our game! I started doing the Hokey-Pokey, because that's what we did last week and she really liked it, but she grabbed my hands and gently tried to lead me in a circle. "Do you want to do Ring-Around-the-Rosie?" I asked her. She said yes. I didn't think she actually knew what it was, because we'd never done it with her before, but as I held her hands and we started spinning around and I started saying the words, she started saying them too! Jason and I were really surprised. She must have learned it in nursery at our church.

She's asked to do family home evening almost every day this week. We've been doing really shortened versions with her every time. It's great that she likes it so much.

Church on Sunday was good - Jason taught the lesson to our class, about tithing. He brought the kids fake money to color in, and some of them were confused and thought if they colored the money green they could use it to buy stuff. We kept telling them it was just pretend money, and most of them understood, but there are one or two I think still think they can actually use it.

Our Labor Day on Monday was good. We just chilled at home the whole day. Jason got our bikes and the bike stroller up and running in the morning,  and we biked around our neighborhood with Jason pulling the girls behind. That was fun, and we hope to do it more often.

Ellie and I have played outside a couple times this week. In the picture below, she's showing the cat her "caterpillar" (actually a giant millipede) that she'd been playing with for like twenty minutes:

I tried to do lots of art stuff with Ellie this week. The pictures below are an idea I got from this blog: No Time for Flash Cards - Toddler Butterfly Craft. You get some contact paper (I ordered a big roll of Amazon), cut out an animal shape from construction paper and put it on the sticky side of the paper, and let your toddler stick pieces of ribbons (or whatever else you have) on to the sticky paper.

Ellie loved it! After decorating the butterfly, she asked for a bear, a dog, and a bunny all in turn. I made her do a different craft at that point, haha. What I need to do is pre-cut out some shapes before the craft, so I'm not sitting there cutting out a bunch of animals while she waits for me (although she was very patient). Yesterday she decorated an elephant, too.

We've had thunderstorms every day this week. It's sunny all day, and then the clouds start rolling in about 5 o'clock every evening, and then after a couple hours of distant rumbling the rain and the thunder and the lightning wash over our house. It's been really fun, and a couple days ago we even had a big rainbow!

Random story from this week: On Saturday, we did lots of stuff. I mowed the lawn in the morning, then we went and dropped off books at the library later, then we went grocery shopping, then we came home and weeded the front yard. After we had been in the yard for an hour or so and we came in, I looked down and saw that the diamond in my wedding ring was gone. It had fallen out! And I had no idea when it had happened that day, and we had been so many places. Luckily, Jason had bought a kind of insurance when he bought the ring, so we knew the store would replace it. So we didn't have heart attacks, but we still wanted to find the diamond if we could, but we knew it was pretty much hopeless.

Then, on Monday, Jason was sweeping in the playroom - and he found it! The diamond was sitting there on the rug. I am amazed that he found it. It could have been anywhere! Now, I still need to send the diamond and the ring back to the store for them to fix it, but at least we have the diamond now. I'm sure that'll make the process much easier.

That was pretty much our week. I finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and have started Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Jason had two tests this week - one yesterday morning (he did great!) and one right now as I'm typing this.

And that was our week!

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