Friday, September 26, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 231

How do these weeks go by so fast? I swear I just wrote our last Captain's Log.

What Ellie said this week

Last week Ellie wasn't going to sleep one night, so Jason was telling her some stories about her and Zelda that he was making up as he went along. There were a lot of funny moments, but my favorite is this one. Jason was finishing telling Ellie a story about how she and Zelda made a cake.
Jason: "They waited for a few minutes, and the cake was done. So they took it out."
Ellie: "And they ate it all."
Jason: "And they ate all the cake in their mouths, arrr, and it was so yummy and delicious. The end."
Ellie: "Read another story!"
Jason: "So, one day it was very nice. It was a beautiful day. So then they went to the zoo. And they saw the monkeys."
Ellie: "And they ATE the monkeys!"

Ellie got a hold of my deodorant and touched the stick to each of her arms. Then she said, "Mom, I'm all armpitted up."

Ellie was looking at a new photobook we got this week, and one page she started laughing and pointing and said, "Look at this guy! It's Daddy."

Me: "Ellie, would you like some noodles?"
Ellie: "Yes, because I'm upset."
Me: "We eat noodles because we're hungry. Would you like some noodles because you're hungry?"
Ellie: "Yes. Because I'm upset."

Ellie: "Mom, Zelda's a lucky boy."

Ellie, pushing her hand into the carpet: "Mom, I'm making a paw print."

She was playing in the bath yesterday and randomly said, "Mom, two more minutes. Then we can go to Christmas!!!"

Ellie ate a bite of oatmeal and said, "It comes down to my tummy. That's where my grown ups live, in here."

What we did this week

Well, last Saturday we went to a "Fall Festival" they held in a nearby town. They had a couple streets of booths set up, which we walked around (my favorites were the "Garden Club" booth and the antique farm equipment booth), but we spent most of our time at the bounce houses. We paid $5 to get Ellie a wristband that allowed her unlimited access to all the bounce houses, and she had a blast.

On Sunday we went to stake conference. (For those not of our faith, that's a big meeting with multiple congregations in the same area.) It was down in Fayetteville, so we got to drive the roads down there and see the countryside. It was really pretty! We passed this ginormous Goodyear factory, too. Biggest factory I've ever seen. Really really big. Seriously. Stake Conference was good. We sat in the primary room, where they had a TV set up so we could see the speakers who were in the main chapel. We were right next to the nursery, and we kept going in there and getting puzzles and books to keep Ellie occupied. It worked out really well.

Other things we've done this week:

Found a tiny little frog in our backyard:

Got matching Halloween pajamas from Nana, and ran around the deck in them:

(I love Zelda's expression in these next two. She stood there smiling like that at me for like thirty seconds.)

Fed bread to the animals:

When I first walked in the room, I did a double take. I thought Ellie was making an animal sandwich. But then she told me, "All of the animals are eating bread."

Played in the bathroom mirror:

Found potatoes and carried them all around the house:

Sat on the high chair:

Shoved all of the animals into the playdough:

Climbed up on chairs:

And on the desk:

Took naps on the family room floor:

Ate ice cream:

Wore diaper covers on our head:

And smiled a lot:

Ellie also painted her own fingernails and toenails for the first time:

And we played on the deck after it finished raining yesterday:

Zelda was blowing bubbles with her mouth.
Ellie was drinking the rainwater off the deck with this straw. I know...really hygienic.
Here she was saying "Ah ah ah" like a monkey. She does that now, if we tell her to say "Ooh ooh ooh ah ah ah!" She also says "Quack!" That was a surprise. We were talking to Ellie the other night and said "quack quack!" and Zelda immediately repeated "Quack quack!"

Also, this happened this morning:

Ellie had a plate of toast with peanut butter on it. Zelda came over and grabbed the plate, flipping it over and launching all of the peanut butter toast into her face. She still smells like peanut butter, haha. :)

Other things from this week: I finished and ordered a couple Shutterfly books, during their 50% sale. I'm really excited about these ones. One of them is all the pictures from my senior year of high school and Jason's freshman year of BYU. I'll share more of it when they get here. I also finished "Five Kingdoms: Sky Raiders" by Brandon Mull (I liked it!) and "The Heart of a Samurai" by Margi Preus. I just started "Peter and the Starcatchers" by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson. Also, my goal for 10,000 steps a day is coming along great; I've still made it every day! Jason's school week was good, he had three tests (I think - I'm beginning to lose track) and was studying a lot and I'm excited that it's finally the weekend so that we'll be able to spend more time with him.

And that was our week!

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