Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Revitalizing my Wardrobe

In the past couple months (or maybe longer than that - the past year), I've fallen into the habit of wearing the same couple dresses for church over and over again. Nevermind that I have twenty skirts and dresses to choose from; I've just been wearing the same two or three over and over and over.

I've been wanting to wear all my other skirts and dresses, but the reason I haven't been is because I thought I had nothing to go with them, or that they didn't fit me anymore. My thought process that I had every time I got ready for church would go something like this: "Oh, I like that skirt, but I got rid of the shirt I used to wear with it. Oh, and I like that skirt, but I haven't worn it in so long I can't remember what tops go with it. Oh, and I like that skirt, but I don't know if it fits me anymore since I haven't worn it since before my last pregnancy." And since we have two little girls we're also getting ready for church in the morning and I have a limited amount of time to pick out an outfit, I just put on the same thing I wore recently because I know it works and I have to go pack the diaper bag. And all of my skirts and most of my dresses sit in my closet, unused, because I thought I didn't have any coordinating pieces to go with them or hadn't worn them in so long I wasn't sure how they fit.

So last week I had a closet intervention. I pulled out each of my dresses and skirts one by one, tried on every shirt and every sweater that might go with them, and was able to make a whole bunch of new outfits! And for every skirt and dress, once I found a shirt or sweater that went with it, I also tried on all my necklaces and bracelets with that outfit so that I would know which jewelry looked good with it.

You should have seen my room in the process - I had a huge pile of sweaters at the head of the bed, a huge pile of shirts and skirts on the ground, necklaces and bracelets all over the foot of the bed, and a full length mirror propped up on a closet organizer.

To make sure I remembered every new combination that I came up with, I took pictures of each outfit I was able to put together (and the jewelry that went with each combination), so now I have a whole clothes catalog to choose from! I downloaded all the pictures from my camera to my computer after putting all the outfits together, and made a folder on my computer desktop I can easily get to. Now, on Saturday nights before church, I can go look at the pictures and choose an outfit. I can pull it out, make sure it's all cleaned and ironed if it needs to be, pick out the shoes I want to go with it, and I'm all ready for the next day!

I used my new system for the first time this weekend, and it was awesome! On Saturday night I picked out my outfit from the pictures on the computer, pulled it out of my closet for the next day, and it was ready to go. And then as I was getting ready the next morning, dressing was a 5 minute process instead of a 10 or 15 minute one, and I was wearing a dress I haven't been able to wear in a long time! I felt cute and also efficient, and that felt pretty great.

So that was my closet intervention last week!


  1. That is such a good idea! It is so easy to get stuck in a rut and wear the same things. Planning on going through my closet this week! :)

  2. I know what Im doing next week!!! :) Great idea!


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