Friday, August 29, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 227

What Ellie said this week:

Ellie fell over on the carpet.
Me: "Oh, are you okay?"
Ellie: "I'm okay." *kisses her own leg* "Aw, I love me." Stands up. "I'm okay, I promise!"

We made some popcorn this week in our air popcorn popper. Ellie loved it. Afterwards, she was sitting at the table with a big bowl of popcorn, picking them up one by one and telling me what animals she thought they looked like. She started off with: "Mom, this one looks like a little tiny yak."

Ellie, playing with her toys.
One toy: "If you do that again, you'll get a time out."
Other toy: "Lalalala!"
First toy: "Okay, time out!"

Similar to the last one: Zelda was grabbing something off the couch (I don't remember what). Ellie: "No, Zelda! If you do that again you'll get a time out!"

Ellie, at the kitchen table after dinner: "My leg cracks make me born and sick and that makes me sad. Now I'm sad." (What?)

I scooped some ice cream for Ellie and put it in a cone. Ellie: "Well done, Mommy! Well done!"

Last night Ellie and Zelda were in the bath and Zelda was playing with a little soft brush and put it under the bubbles. Ellie took it from her and said: "No Zelda, don't get it bubbled and watered. Then it will die."

What we did this week:

This has been a big developmental week for the girls. First off: Zelda's walking! Jason and I were with the girls in their room a couple days ago when Zelda stood up took a couple steps forwards, crouched down, stood up and took some more steps forward, several times. Since then she's been walking more and more. She can walk halfway across rooms now, and would probably go further if she wasn't walking into our arms. :) She took her first step months ago, but this is real, legitimate, solid walking. :)

Ellie's drawings have been getting really good this week. Here are two of them:

This one is a ladybug.
And this one is a spiderweb.

Zelda's been pointing a lot with her index finger this week. She's also been waving, and started clapping. She knows the word "wave," too; I was talking about her waving to Jason and she started waving, without us actually showing her the motion.

Ellie's been having us read the same books to her over and over again lately until she memorizes them, and then she'll read them back to us, pointing at the words as she goes.

Oh - and something really awesome - we think Zelda's over her milk allergies! The allergist, way back when Zelda first started having her problems, said that babies often grow out of milk allergies and to try again in 6 months or so to see if she'd outgrown it. So, this week we had her entirely on milk formula - and she was fine! No rashes or anything! Yaaaaay!!! We're switching her entirely to milk formula now, which is such a relief because it's less than half the price of the allergy formula she's been on.

As far as what we did outside our house this week: well, last Saturday we drove up to Raleigh. Zelda had slobbered on my phone, which broke the charging port, so we needed to go get it fixed. The place we went to - Triangle Cellular Repair - was great. They were really fast, and they replaced my charging port and fixed the phone for only $30. I was expecting it to cost a lot more, so that was a relief.

While I was at the repair shop, Jason and the girls were at this amazing park just a couple blocks away:

This incredible playground was at Laurel Hills park, and it was seriously awesome. It was this huge wooden fort, with tons of openings at the ground level for the kids to go in and out and through and under, and it had bridges and towers and slide, and it's hard to describe just how cool it was. I also liked that it had no openings high up - so many of the new, plastic playgrounds have high-up openings for older kids to go down fireman's poles or something, and that's good for older kids but really bad for little kids. This one was entirely enclosed and safe for someone Ellie's age.

We also went to Target that morning and stocked up on art supplies for the girls. We got all sorts of fun stuff - foam stickers, paint, poofballs, dry erase supplies - and it's been great having lots of new stuff for Ellie to do this week. 

Other than that, our week was pretty normal. Jason had school, and the girls and I did stuff at home.

And, for anyone who knows why this is awesome, here is Zelda playing with an ocarina:

You can't see it; it's in her hand. It's a little brown one my sister gave to me a long time ago. Zelda was playing with some of my old trinkets yesterday, and I looked over, and she was gnawing on the ocarina. She really liked it, too.

A project I've been working on this week is scanning all the random papers, tickets, notes, etc. I have from my first two years at college. I'm working on putting them all, along with the journal entries I wrote on the computer during that time, into a printed book.

Jason had two tests this week and did great!

Oh, and Jason and I have officially been given callings in our ward! We're the teachers of the 5-6 yr-old primary class. Also, we both gave talks last Sunday on the Plan of Salvation. If you want to see the blog post I wrote on that same topic (wow - almost a year ago), you can click here: What We Believe: God's Plan for Us.

And that was our week!


  1. You guys are so cute. That park looks amazing and I want to go and play on it right now!

  2. Awwww so cute :) Your girls are adorable! And I love primary, I hope you enjoy your class!

  3. PS Ellie's conversations with herself - priceless! She'll love reading those someday.


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