Friday, August 22, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 226

What Ellie said this week

We were making an egg (because Ellie wanted to eat one). Ellie wanted to help crack the egg into the pan, so I had it down on the floor and was helping her. Zelda crawled over and reached toward the raw egg in the pan. "No, no!" I said, grabbing her hand before she touched it. Ellie then patted Zelda's back and said, "That will make you sick, honey."

Yesterday she started hopping around, and then told me "I'm tending to be a rabbit!" And a minute later, "I'm tend for to be a frog!" It's the first time she's been trying out the word "pretending."

I have a couple more quotes, but they're saved on my phone, and I can't access them at the moment (explained below). I'll probably post them next week.

What we did this week 

The biggest thing that happened this week is Jason had his white coat ceremony! When you enter a medical grad program, like PA school or a DO program or MD program, you are presented with a short white coat. This shows that you are a medical student. When you graduate from your program, you are presented with a long white coat, which shows that you are now a medical professional.

They held the ceremony in a beautiful chapel in the middle of campus. Jason's mom Diana was still visiting with us, and I am so glad because she helped me keep the girls quiet during the program (which was an hour and a half long) and I don't know how I could have done it without her.

Several people, the heads of the program and the dean, spoke to us and to Jason's class. And then they were all presented with their white coats, one by one.

Jason getting his coat!
And shaking hands.
We took some pictures outside afterwards. :)

And that's all the pictures I have this week! I wish I had more; I took more on my phone, but I can't access it today because Zelda slobbered on it last night and now it's not charging and the battery's run out and it's been sitting in a thing of rice all day and we have to take it in to get it looked at tomorrow. And I know that's a run-on sentence, but I'm sad about it and I just can't stop typing.

But here are a couple pictures I took today, with a different camera:

The girls were so funny with that big furry hat this morning. It's Jason's from Russia, and I took it down from our bookshelf and was showing Zelda. And she was smiling, and liked it, but kept backing away from it and didn't want to touch it. And Ellie just really liked it.

That was pretty much our week. We also had dinner at another family in our ward's house last Sunday, and that was really fun. And the girls and I went to a ward playdate at the park on Wednesday, and stopped by the library. Oh, and last Saturday we went to a fish fry and open house held by the ward. It was really good food! And we got to meet some more people from our church. Other than that, the girls and I just stayed at home this week and Jason went to school!

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