Friday, August 15, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 225

This is so Zelda. :)

What Ellie said this week

One of her nightly prayers: "Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for (some gibberish words) and abcd, and efg, hijk, and lmnop, qrs, tuv, wx. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen."

I wish I could play you the recording of this one, because it's all about the tone she used. One day she wanted to play with the ipad (which she calls the "doodoo"), and she said in the exact same tone I always use when I'm trying to get her excited about doing something. Ellie: "Mom, you know what we can do? Play with our doodoo, and sit on the couch. That sounds fun." She went over and sat on the couch. "Sit with me. It's okay, it's okay."

This is a Zelda one - this week she started saying "Mamamama"! She's been saying "Dadadadada" for a long time (she even said "Daddy" last week. Daddy!), but she just finally started saying Mamamama. And I love it. :)

What we did this week
Jason started school!

Monday was his first day, and the last couple days have been mostly orientation. The university president spoke to them, and other people, and they learned all about how the program is going to work. Wednesday and Thursday they started their real classes, and today is his white coat ceremony!

When I asked Ellie what Daddy was doing at school, she said "Playing with all the kids."

Other stuff from this week: last Saturday we went to a "Welcome BBQ" thrown by some of the other students Jason's PA class, and it was great. We got to meet lots of the other students and a lot of their spouses/families. One family even has two little girls almost exactly Ellie and Zelda's ages! It was really fun and it was really nice of those couple other students to throw it for everyone.

On Sunday we went to church, and I taught the 5 and 6 year olds for the second week in a row (I'm subbing for my visiting teachee, who was just called as primary president). Jason came in and helped me this week, for which I was grateful. They're an energetic group.

And then Monday Jason started school, and we've been adjusting to that all week. I made a basic daily schedule for me and the girls to follow, and we've been following it okay-ish. Tuesday we kind of got thrown for a loop, because Ellie got stung by a bee during our "outside time," and then it took like an hour to comfort her (with acetaminophen and hydrocortisone and cookies and a tv show). And a couple hours after that we talked to Grandpa on the phone (with Facetime!), and now for the rest of the week whenever she talks about how she got stung by a bee, she always also mentions that she told Grandpa about it. 

One of the nights this week, we had a crazy thunder storm. It was after the girls were asleep, and Jason and I were sitting on the couches in our family room. We heard distant thunder, and then it got louder and louder and we started seeing lightning flashes out of our windows. We turned out all of our lights so we could see the lightning better, and watched it from our windows and listened to the rain. And the rain itself was interesting; at times it was falling steadily, and then other times we could hear it rolling over the top of our roof, really really loud and just coming in waves. So that was a cool night.

Finally, Jason's mom is here right now! We're so happy. :) We told Ellie on Wednesday that she was coming and that she would come when Ellie went to sleep (Nana got in on a late flight), and Ellie was so excited all day. And Nana got in that night, and the girls got to see her Thursday morning. And Ellie and Zelda have been so happy with Nana here. Zelda's even actually been saying "Nanananana" the whole time she's been here, which is interesting because Zelda never really says the "N" sound. Just now, with Nana!

Now, pictures from this week.
I don't know what's going on in this picture, but I love it.
Beautiful girl.
These next pictures are all from the morning before we went to the Welcome BBQ. It was kind of rainy outside, so Jason bundled Zelda up, and she was so cute I couldn't resist taking some pictures. And it was really hard to narrow them down. Because look at her.

On the way to church on Sunday, Ellie wanted to bring her panda hat, which she turned backwards on her head (don't worry, she didn't wear it into church), and her little fisher price piano, which she played and sang songs on for a long ways on the ride to church. Have I mentioned that our church building is thirty minutes away? It is.

Here's the girls playing with bubbles on the deck. It was breezy and perfect when we were outside, and just so pretty in our backyard. Ellie was blowing bubbles with the bubble gun over the side of the deck, and they were swirling up into the trees.

And here's us yesterday night, eating ice cream with Nana. Ellie kept eating Daddy's ice cream, too, and then ran around playing with some of the other kids on the lawn of the ice cream place. She was funny in talking to them; we heard her telling them that  "I'm littler, but when I get bigger I can drive the lawnmower." (She's been talking about driving the lawnmower since I mowed the lawn on Wednesday.)

And that was our week! Yay for the white coat ceremony today!

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