Friday, August 8, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 224

Ellie's animals talking to Nana on the phone

What Ellie said this week:

We had a funny conversation in the kitchen, where I said something to Ellie like, "Ellie, did you know that Mommy and Daddy are married?" And she looked at me like I was teasing, and said something like, "But you're not wearing a dress." And Jason and I both laughed, and explained that we're still married and that we're married forever because we were married in the temple. It totally took me aback, though, when she was confused about me being married because I wasn't wearing a wedding dress. How does she even know you wear a dress when you get married? From our wedding pictures?  Kind of funny. And every day for the rest of this week she's kept bringing up, "Mom, are you married forever?" and smiling.

Ellie: "Mom, can you help me clean up everything? Every single day?"

Ellie, handing me her hot dog bun: "Mom, can you hold my hot dog bums?"

What we did this week:

The girls watching a butterfly on my shoe

This week Jason took out the old linoleum in the master bathroom and replaced it with new vinyl flooring. It looks so much better. The old linoleum was stained and faded and just kind of icky. The new flooring is so much prettier and is clean and nice.

Along with replacing the flooring, Jason recaulked the baseboards in the bathroom, which I then repainted along with the doorframe. And they look so much better too. When the people who owned the house before us painted the bathroom walls, they got tons of paint on the baseboards and the doorframe. Sanded down, recaulked, and repainted a new white, it all looks so much cleaner and nicer.

Jason also built a bookshelf this week, at my request. I've been wanting a bookshelf like this one for the girls, where they can see the front of the books. Have you ever heard of Ana White? She has a website where she posts tons of blueprints for all sorts of things for your house. And she posted a blueprint for that bookshelf, and after looking at it Jason went and bought the supplies and built the bookshelf. I painted it white yesterday (with the leftover white paint from the bathroom baseboards) and it's drying right now. And it's perfect! I'm so excited to put it in the playroom and fill it with books for the girls. Jason is so awesome!

Jason building the bookshelf, with "help" from Ellie.
Me and Zelda watching Daddy build the bookshelf.
Ellie playing dress up in Daddy's t-shirt and Mommy's shoes.

Other things we did this week: On Sunday we had dinner with all of the other Campbell University families in the ward. It was really fun and so good to get to know them even better. I feel so at home with them and they are such a good support network already. We have probably around ten families in our ward where the dad/husband is going to Campbell. Some of them are in the pharmacy program, some are in the D.O. program, and Jason is the only one in the P.A. program. The D.O. guys started this week, and I've been thinking about them these last couple days and hoping that their first week is going well!

On Monday we went to a couple different thrift stores (looking for a couple specific things, like a nightstand for Jason and 4T clothes for Ellie) and had some luck with different things. One of the Goodwills we went to had a ton of kids' books in good condition, so we got some new board books for the girls. I also got a cute shirt, and Jason got some nice slacks for school (for like $3!).

Other than that, we've pretty much stayed home this week. Jason read more of this medical terminology book he has to read for school (he's been reading and memorizing it for weeks), and I read "Brain on Fire- My Month of Madness," which is this other book he's assigned to read. It was fascinating. I started it last night and couldn't put it down. It's a true account of a woman who woke up one day, strapped to a hospital bed, and with no memories of the last month of her life. Basically, her body attacked her brain (a rare autoimmune disorder), causing inflammation in her brain, and she rapidly descended into what looked like madness. After being misdiagnosed and brushed aside by several doctors and psychiatrists, her family pushed and pushed until she was admitted to a hospital, and even there, in one of the best hospitals in the world, they couldn't figure out what she had. I'll stop there, because I'm going to explain the whole thing to you if I keep going, but it was a great book, and really gripping.

Another thing from this week is I fixed the dryer last Saturday. A week and a half before that it had stopped heating up. It would still spin and do air, but it wouldn't heat the air up, so the clothes were taking hours and hours to dry. So, I watched a couple videos on youtube and read some explanations about fixing your dryer, took the back off of the dryer, cleaned it out, and looked at the parts. After all was said and done, I ordered three different parts - the thermal fuse, the thermal cutoff, and the thermostat. Once they had all come (it took about a week and a half for all of them), and I put them in, the dryer started heating up again! So now our clothes take regular times to dry again.

Yesterday we walked with our neighbor and her son down to the end of our street, across this little creek, and out into these really cool woods and beautiful fields just behind our house. It was beautiful. I'm excited to explore that area more. And we found so many cool mushrooms! All different colors and shapes and sizes. My hands smelled like mushrooms for the rest of the day, though, even though I washed them a bunch of times.

And...that's what we did this week! Oh, I just remembered one more thing. Last Friday I made cookies. The cookies I always make. Chocolate chip oatmeal. But instead of turning out perfect and delicious like they always do, they turned out horrible! Icky and they smelled weird. I knew immediately that it was the oatmeal and the shortenings fault - the oatmeal was food storage oatmeal, and when eaten plain it had this really nasty metallic aftertaste. And the shortening was the store brand shortening, and it smelled not tasty. And both of those things together in the cookies made a sad, icky cookie. And I had a bunch of sad, icky cookie dough. And I was a sad Jocelyn. But then we got good oatmeal and shortening and I made the cookies again, and this time they were good and delicious. And then everything was better!

So, sorry, you probably don't care about that story at all, but it was a big thing to me this week. Cookies.

And now that I told you that unnecessary cookie story, that's what we did this week!

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  1. You and Jason are amazing! I can hardly wait to see Ellie and Zelda next week and talk to Ellie's animals in person!


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