Friday, August 1, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 223

Together at the zoo. :)
What Ellie said this week:

Ellie, referring to her legs: "I need to get the bug bites off there, because I am spicy." (We think she meant "itchy.")

Ellie was playing in the pantry one day. She closed the door on herself (on purpose), so that I couldn't see what she was doing. After hearing some funny noises, I opened the door. She looked up, smiling, with a bag of pretzels spilled all over the floor. Looking me in the eye, smiling, she said, "It's okay to spill these pretzels. I forgive you."
I let her keep playing, and she closed the door again. A minute or two later I opened it again, and she was finishing off a marshmallow. Happily she told me, "I eat them all! Num num num! I forgive you!"
I reached inside and picked the marshmallow bag off the shelf, saying, "Okay, all done with marshmallows!" and as I did so, I accidentally knocked some macaroni boxes over so they hit the wall. And Ellie was like, "Oh no! I forgive you again."

Ellie went potty one day, and when she was done she stood up and said: "Fee fi fo fum, I go peepee, wipe front to bottom!"

Yesterday Ellie and I were making chocolate milk for her. She took a sip of the milk and said, "It makes me healthy and strong! Ahhh!" and flexed her arms above her head.

We were at the library yesterday. We had just walked in and were in front of the front desk. I turned to Jason and said, "Okay, I'm going to go to the bathroom." And Ellie yelled, "Are you full of pee, Mom?"

(We had just watched a little show where the characters babysat a baby.)
Me: "Ellie, do you have a baby that you watch sometimes?"
Ellie: "Mhmm."
Me: "What's her name?"
Ellie: "Her name is Zelda. It's my sister, to hug."

What we did this week:

Mostly stayed at home and did "home stuff." Here are some pictures from us hanging out:

Ellie with her wings.
A cool moth on our porch that was disguised as a leaf.
The cat that hangs out with us.

On Tuesday we went to the "Aloha Safari Zoo" in Cameron, NC. It was so cute and fun! It's actually a "rescue" zoo, so it rescues exotic animals and takes care of them. We went with another couple from our ward, Amy and Jordan, and their daughter Eva.

We got to get really close to all the animals at this zoo. Right when we first got there, we got to see a little tiger cub:

Not a great picture, but it shows how close we were to the tiger cub. It sniffed the fence where Ellie was a couple times, so it was just a few inches away from her, and she loved that.
One of the four big tigers. 
Ellie and the monkey reaching for each other.
What Zelda looks like from above.
Ellie feeding carrots to the giraffe.
Ellie feeding popcorn to the monkeys. (Both of these things - feeding the giraffe and the monkeys and all the other animals - were allowed and encouraged; they provided the food. There were only a couple animals - like the miniature horses - that we couldn't feed. Ellie loved feeding popcorn to everything.)
Waiting in line for the tractor ride.

We rode on a tractor "safari" ride. It took us out into the big exhibits at the back of the zoo. They provided us with bags of stale bread to throw to all the animals, which was really fun. We saw water buffalo and zebra and camels and an ostrich and lots of other things.

Jason, the girls, and Jordan and Amy.

We finished off our zoo trip by feeding the rest of our popcorn and stale bread to the goats, pigs, and alpaca near the front gate.

These birds walked so funny - very upright, like humans.

The girls at the front of the zoo:

So that was our trip to the zoo!

Okay, more pictures from home. Ellie playing with containers of water on the back deck:

Eating watermelon all together:

Okay, the next picture: Ellie was over on the side of the room, and yelled, "Mom, look at me! I'm talented!" And I looked over, and she was like this. Then she told me to "Take a video of me. Rolling. And doing talented things."

Also, Jason found this awesome train track set at a thrift store this week for only $12.

This week Jason also got his North Carolina driver's license, and as soon as the official one comes in the mail we'll be able to register the car. He had quite a time doing it - North Carolina DMVs are not set up like California DMVs. In California, all DMVs do all functions - you can get a driver's license, register your car, and more - all at one place. In North Carolina, those functions are split up into different locations. One DMV is a "Driver's License Office," another one is for registering your car, etc. Soooo, Jason got to figure that out by driving around to like three different cities. But we know a lot more now!

This week I also got my "Quiet Book Blog" back up and going after a month-long hiatus. There'll be a giveaway on there next week, if you're into that sort of thing. I'll post the link here when it goes up. :)

And that was our week!

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