Thursday, July 10, 2014

Road Trip Day 6: Arriving at our new home

Hey everyone! I'm sorry this is a few days late; we just got internet at our new house yesterday afternoon. So today, four days after it happened, I present to you day 6 of our cross country road trip!

We woke up on the morning of day 6, got ready, got everyone into the car, and drove from the little town in Tennessee we were in into the Smoky Mountains. And guys - you'll never believe me - but they actually look smoky. Most of the time as we were driving through them they were normal, but a few times as we wound around through their valleys and crevices, we would suddenly drive into a low, heavy cloud that was sitting down in the mountains, and it would look wispy and smoky outside. I know they call them the smoky mountains, but I didn't believe for that would actually be true. So many expectations I had about the country were shattered on this road trip.

Entering the Smoky Mountains
Sometime in the mountains, we entered North Carolina. This is the (very blurry) sign!
We took a little detour off the freeway to get a picture of  "Zelda Court." :)

As we were driving we kind of took an accidental detour to South Carolina. Okay, okay, I know that sounds like a big mistake, but it actually wasn't. Somehow it saved us ten minutes. See, we were taking a somewhat southernly route so that we could stop in Charlotte on the way to Raleigh. As we were driving south on the 26 I forgot to tell Jason to turn onto the 74 East, and we only realized my mistake right after we passed the exit. But then looking at my phone's map, it said if we kept going south and then went east on the 85, it would actually be ten minutes faster to Charlotte. So we were like, Hey, let's do that! And as we were driving south on the 26, all the sudden there was a "Welcome to South Carolina!" sign, and we were like, Hey, were in South Carolina! So that's how we accidentally went to South Carolina.

James's giant peach. It was in South Carolina all along!
When we got to Charlotte we stopped and had lunch at a bakery/cafe. We had sandwiches and some pastries. :) It was a cute, fun shop. After lunch we went to Ikea! It was fun. We went because we've been telling Ellie for weeks that she would get a new, big girl bed when we got to North Carolina. At Ikea we got her a little twin bed (for just $40!), bed slats, and a mattress. We also got some other stuff for our house. And this Ikea mattress was foam and rolled up, so it all fit in the back of our car, even with our road trip stuff in there.

We drove for about another 2 1/2 to 3 hours, and finally arrived AT OUR NEW HOME! Yaaaaaay!!! And it's perfect! And we love it! And I will post pictures of it very soon.

We unloaded what we had in our car, and then waited a couple hours for Jason's parents to finish their drive, too (they were catching up to us for the last few days, driving the moving truck with all our stuff in it). They got to our house about 9. Right about the same time they got here, two of Jason's classmates came over to help us unload the truck (they rock!). They seriously helped a lot and we got the whole thing unloaded in about forty minutes.

Our days since then have been unpacking, putting everything where it should go, shopping for groceries and random house stuff, and home improvements. I will tell you more about all that in this week's Captain's Log tomorrow.

So that was our Day 6! We're hoooome!!!

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