Thursday, July 3, 2014

Road Trip Day 2: Flagstaff to Amarillo

We made it through Day 2 of our road trip! This was the longest day of scheduled driving, and I'm glad it's done. Yesterday we drove from Flagstaff, Arizona to Amarillo, Texas, a distance of 609 miles. 

The beautiful sunrise in Flagstaff

We got up very early in the morning (woke up about 4 and were out the door at 5) in hopes that the girls would sleep the first couple hours. Well, Zelda slept, but Ellie...nope. Sigh. Oh well. Yesterday was harder for her than our first day. On our first day, Tuesday, Zelda was an unhappy camper. She didn't like being in the car at all and let us know. For hours. Yesterday, Zelda was very content for a great majority of the time, but Ellie wasn't so much. Hopefully, tomorrow, they both do well. 

The landscape today was interesting. Driving out of Flagstaff we entered a grassland/desert, which turned into a total desert once we entered New Mexico, which continued until we hit Albuquerque, and then turned greener outside of Albuqueque and eventually into grasslands in the eastern part of New Mexico and then Texas. Eastern New Mexico was very pretty, which surprised me (sorry New Mexico!)

We saw some funny road signs and place names again yesterday. Two place names Jason liked were "Dead River" and "Crazy Wash," and two signs that made us giggle were "Gusty Winds May Exist" and "Zero Visibility Possible" (on a nice clear road). With the road signs, we know what they were trying to say, but how they were worded amused us. We also wrote a book title: "From Zzyzx to Zuzax: The American Southwest." Feel free to use it for a travel guide.

We saw a couple of these funny looking water towers.
Ellie being unhappy as we arrive in Albuquerque.

When we got to Albuquerque we walked around the historic Old Town for a little bit, and had lunch at a place called Back Street Grill. We at there because it was the only food place we could find, but it actually turned out to be really good. So that was great. :) We got the chicken street tacos to share, and they were really yummy. Then it was back on the road.

Cool clouds
There was a town named Moriarty. Moriarty. And it was pretty!

Ellie started having a meltdown when we were a couple hours past Albuquerque, so we stopped in a town called Santa Rosa for a break. It was weird; it was a total ghost town driving down main street. Every single store and building we were driving past was closed and abandoned. That was a weird thing about today, driving through the whole of New Mexico - I have never seen so many abandoned buildings in my life. It's a great deal due to the interstate changing how business used to be done along Route 66, and it's just crazy. Abandoned building after building after building. And we drove right past one total, complete ghost town. It was really interesting.

Annnyway, our stop in Santa Rosa. We found this playground that was like "the playground that time forgot." It had all this cool old playground equipment that you don't see anymore (and some I don't even think is legal anymore. I'm pretty sure those spinny things below are banned now, at least in California.) Ellie loved it.

The playground ground was something like cut-up old tires painted blue. It was actually really cool; it was bouncy, but it was chips (not a solid surface), and they were soft and not pokey like woodchips.
This swing was like a baby swing cut in half, and a chain for a seatbelt in the front.
Cool old elephant slide
The super fun spinny thing we all rode
For Jill and Tommy :)
Reaching the edge of New Mexico
There were these wind turbines along the road for a HUGE stretch of road once we entered Texas - like thirty or forty miles of wind turbines. They just kept going and going and going.
This was clearly named after our nephew Everett :)
Way better than Colorado.
When we got into Amarillo we went straight to Tyler's Barbeque, a bbq place that we have been planning on going to and really wanted to eat at. When we got there we were pleasantly surprised to find out they had a drive thru, so we were able to get our food easily and take it back to our hotel. After getting the girls (somewhat) settled into our room, we got to eat our food, and it was delicious! Very smoky and good. 

We had the ribs and some chopped brisket. Mmmm.

And then we got the girls to bed and went to bed ourselves. We gained two hours through time changes yesterday, though, so today will be interesting. Hopefully we adjust okay. :)


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