Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Road Trip Day 1: Orange County to Flagstaff

We are on the road! It's probably hard for you to miss that since it's all I've been talking about for the last couple weeks, but it's finally actually here! Yesterday we woke up before 4 am, packed the girls into the car, and drove off into the desert towards our new home.

Like I mentioned before, we're breaking the road trip up into six days to make it easier. The whole trip, from coast to coast, is a distance of over 2,500 miles. Yesterday we drove from our home in northeast Orange County to Flagstaff, Arizona, a distance of 463 miles. We took the I-40, and so were right along with Route 66 for most of the way. It was really cool to see some of the historical Route 66 stuff!

We passed some places with some really fun names - "Happy Jack Road," "Rattlesnake Wash," and "Holy Moses Wash" were some of my favorites. (Also, we drove through a city I didn't know existed - Kingman, Az. It just kind of sprung out of the desert and was pretty sizeable. I looked it up on Wikipedia right now, and it has a population of 28,000. Compare that to less than 5,000 people in Needles, CA (which I did know existed) and 67,000 in Flagstaff. Anyway, I was very surprised when it popped out of the desert. I'd just never heard of Kingman before. )

We got to Flagstaff about 12:30 pm and had lunch at a nice place called the Wildflower Bread Company. Afterwards we went in and checked in at our hotel, and then just kind of relaxed for a couple hours and recovered. Once we felt up to it, we took the girls to a local park. Zelda fell asleep in her carseat, but Ellie had a fun time playing on the playground. 

We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant named Tacos Los Altos, on Route 66 in Flagstaff. It was one of the food places we looked up before and were planning on, and it was great! Jason had a chimichanga and I had carne asada tacos, and both our meals came with rice and beans. And it was all good. Mmmm. :) We came back to the hotel room afterwards and turned in for an early night.

And that was the first day of our road trip! :)

Some Ellie quotes from Tuesday:

"Moo, it's a cow! Moo, it's a cow! Moo, it's a cow!" (Repeated thirty times)

We pulled into our motel parking lot, and I said "We're here!" And Ellie looked at the motel, and said, "Oh, that's North Carolina!"

When we got to the park, and Ellie got out of the car and saw the swings and the slides and the grass, she said to me, "It's beautiful, mom! It's beautiful!"

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  1. You are going right by Tommy's house (well, like an hour away from it)! To get to his town, you exit I-40 in Holbrook. :) Holbrook has a tee-pee hotel that the Cozy Cone hotel is based off of in Cars. Safe travels!


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