Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Max's Quiet Book

I'm posting this over on my Quiet Book Blog today, so I thought I should share it here, too!

Back in April and May when my brother Banks and my sister Alyse and their families were visiting California, my nephew Max had his first birthday! For his birthday present, I made him a quiet book.

Something I did with this quiet book - and I really really love how it turned out - is I sewed it a cover. I cut a big piece of fabric out of a soft, old t-shirt, then sewed the first and last pages directly on to that fabric (turning in the edges so that it's a nice clean line). I sewed the two middle pages back to back, then sewed the edge of that back-to-back page to the middle of the inside of the cover. So, the whole book is all connected and one piece, and the cover is nice and soft!

Anyway, I'll quiet rambling. Here's Max's quiet book!

The individual pages:

The binding and cover:

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My nephew Ezra's birthday is this week, too...I guess I have to get busy, haha! ;)


  1. I always find it difficult to cut felt out. Do you use something other than scissors to make it look better??

    1. I just use scissors, but I do use good quality sewing scissors. Maybe that makes the difference?


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