Friday, July 18, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 221 - Frogs and Foxes

It's been an exciting week here in North Carolina. Each day our house is looking more and more "done," as we keep finishing small projects in each room that makes it feel more like our home.

First of all, last Saturday was Jason's birthday!!! He turned 26 years old. :) He is my best friend and the best husband and father and is just plain awesome all around. :D After we dropped my mom off at the airport in the morning, we stopped at a mall on the way home and walked around. Jason got a bag of candy from this awesome mall kiosk we came across:

And then we had lunch at a Japanese place in the mall food court. The people there were really nice and gave Ellie a little balloon doggy. She played with him for the rest of the day.

She told me to take a picture of the balloon dog "eating" her lunch.

We've had a lot of animal dealings (with real, live animals) this week. One day when we were working out in the yard, we found a frog. I caught it, and Ellie thought it was awesome. After a few minutes I let it go, and she followed it around for quiet some time, until it hopped under a piece of wood. Then she commanded me to "Catch two more frogs, mom!" I think it was that same day with all of us out in the yard that we saw a fox. We saw something moving along the trees at the back of our yard, and at first I thought it was a cat. But as Jason and I watched it, we realized it was a fox! It was so cool. I've never seen a wild fox before! It was definitely a gray fox; it was pretty dark in color.

Speaking of cats, we kind of have one. It's not really our cat, it's the neighbor's, but it comes over whenever we're outside and hangs out with us. It is so pretty, too, and sweet. I love it. :D It's so fun kind of having a cat. It always wants us to pet it, and its so soft and clean. Ellie adores it, too. One day this week Zelda and Ellie were playing in the laundry room for a couple hours, and the cat hung out right on the outside of that door (it's got big windows so you can see in or out easily) next to them for hours.

Sneak peak of our photo wall

Some of the projects we've done this week are:

- Put up a photo wall in our family room (the pictures to fill the frames have been ordered and should arrive
   on Tuesday; I'll do an updated post then!)

- Scanned tons and tons of old papers and mementos (This was all Jason)
- Went to the thrift store and got picture frames that would fit Jason's art (that he did in high school) and
   framed them (We still need a couple more frames - they're odd sizes - but we're going to frame some more
   of his pieces too, and then put them all up on a wall in our bedroom)
- Finished repairing the deck with wood putty, sanded it again, and started staining

Deck last week, before sanding
Deck last night before staining - sanded, puttied, and sanded again

- Sanded and started staining the built in cupboard in our master bathroom
- Replaced the vent fan cover in the girls bathroom, and upgraded the vent in the master bathroom
- Replaced the toilet seat in the girls' bathroom
- Replaced the chandelier shades in the playroom
- Got a shower curtain and bathroom rugs for the master bath
- Got organizational baskets for the toy room
- Organized the laundry room
- Got a rug for the family room
- Got rug pads for the rugs in the playroom and family room

I'm sure there were some other little projects in there but I can't think of them right now. Here are some pictures of the girls. :)

One afternoon Ellie was walking around with the metal utensil holder on her leg, like a pirate leg, yelling and banging it with plastic kitchen utensils. 
We got this shirt from the thrift store this week. :)
Playing in the backyard.
On a walk in the woods at the end of our street.

One of the other memorable things from this week is the big rainstorms we had on Tuesday. It was raining in the morning and early afternoon, and sometime that day we decided to go to a couple stores in town. It kept raining steadily the whole time, and Ellie started saying she wanted to go to the beach (which kind of broke my heart since we live hours away from the beach now) and getting upset when Jason said we couldn't go to the beach because it was raining. Then we got to Target. When we went inside Target, the rain had cleared up for the moment. While inside, we could hear thunder every so often. And then when we left Target - holy cow. We got to the exit doors, and it was pouring. Really, really pouring. We ran with the girls to our car, which was in the front spot in just the second row over, and by the time we got to our car (seriously only a distance of 50 feet) we were so wet it was like we had jumped in a swimming pool.

Anyway, that was our week! The girls' bathroom is finally all done, so I'll post pictures of that this week. And we should finish staining the deck in the next day or two, so pictures of that soon. And pictures of our bathroom in probably a week once the cabinet's all done and everything's back in. :)

Anyway, have a great weekend!

Things Ellie's said this week

"Mom, turn the rain off. Turn the rain off."

My stomach can sound really sloshy sometimes after I drink liquid. I was lying on the floor, making my stomach make sloshy noises for the girls, and Ellie came over and put her ear on it.
Ellie: "I hear something in your tummy, mom! I hear a frog in your tummy!"

Ellie being cantankerous in the car one day.
Ellie: "It's too cold in here!"
Me: "It's too cold in here?"
Ellie: "No! It's not! It's cold."

My stomach rumbles.
Ellie: "I hear thunder, mom!"

I was fixing cracks in the deck with wood putty (which is this gray paste).
Ellie: "Are you doing oatmeal, mom? Are you feeding the cracks oatmeal, because they're hungry?"

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  1. I'm so excited to see more pictures of your new house! It looks great! And you should just get used to the big rain storms...they happen a lot. They are my absolute favorite and probably what I would miss most if we ever move back west again. Bradley always goes, "oooooooh! Thunder!!!" very excitedly when he hears it, because that's how I react. :) We often go sit in our garage and watch the big storms. So so fun. :) Sorry I haven't called you back yet!!


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