Friday, July 11, 2014

Captain's Log, Week 220

On our new front porch :)

Whew! This has been an exhausting week. My brain feels kind of fried while writing this post, and I don't know if I'm going to remember everything we did this week to put into the post.

Last week, of course, we went on our epic 6-day 2,550-mile road trip across nine states to get to our new home in North Carolina. (In case you forgot why we're moving, Jason is starting Physician Assistant school next month.) We got to our new home on Sunday night. Since then, we have been unpacking, organizing, and doing sooo much house stuff. We have been to Home Depot or Lowe's every single day this week.

The girls in a cool cart at Home Depot
Jason's parents (who arrived just a few hours after us on Sunday) stayed for Monday and then flew home on Tuesday morning. They helped us by watching the girls so that we could get a lot of the initial moving in done. They seriously helped us so much last week by driving that moving truck (and boy, they had a crazy first day! Almost ran out of gas on a lonely road in the middle of the desert, and then had a torrential rain/hailstorm), and we appreciate it so much.

My mom flew in Tuesday afternoon (so we didn't even have to go one day without grandparents, yay!) and has stayed with us all week. She flies home tomorrow. :( She has been such a big help. She's watched the girls a ton, helped us move in, and helped me paint the bathroom!

It was raining one day and we all went outside, and Ellie immediately ran over to the rainspout and said, "It's a spider spout!" "A spider spout? Because the spider gets washed out when it rains?" we asked. "Yeah!" she said, and then started talking about the Eensie Weensie Spider.
Watching for spiders

We have been so busy with house stuff this week. Apart from just unpacking, we've also sanded the deck outside in preparation to stain and seal it (that will get its own blog post when we're able to stain it; we wanted to this week but we've had lots of rain), bought various pieces of furniture, and painted the girls' bathroom (which will also get its own post, probably next week).

One of the exciting episodes from the week was when Jason and I drove to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Raleigh yesterday. My mom watched the girls so we could go on a date, and we decided we wanted to go to the ReStore and look for furniture pieces on our date, lol. And it was really fun! It's been kind of rainy for the last few days, and on our way to the store it was dark and cloudy. The ReStore was in a giant warehouse, and we had a lot of fun looking at all the couches, cupboards, lighting stuff, and random pieces of furniture. (They have everything! It's like a huge, giant thrift store dedicated to house stuff). We found a love seat we liked, bought it, and loaded it in to our car. Luckily it fit!

By that time it was raining pretty hard, and we could hear thunder rumbling through the warehouse. Getting back in our car to drive back to our house was crazy. It started raining so hard that we could barely see. We took side streets to avoid the freeway for a while, and when we did get on the freeway it was even crazier. It was just a torrential downpour, raining so so so hard, and everybody on the freeway had to slow waaay down because there was just so much water everywhere and visibility was extremely poor. I was so glad Jason was the one driving! After quite a while the rain cleared up, and we made it home safely. :)

Today (on her fourth day of being here) we finally took my mom to go see Jason's school. We also went to this really yummy ice cream place that had over a hundred homemade flavors you could choose from. Ellie got "Sugar Cookie" (it had sprinkle) in a little bowl, and enjoyed it a lot. :)

The store had a front porch where you could sit and eat your ice cream in rocking chairs, and it had little kid chairs too! It was great.
"Take a picture of my spoon, Mom!"
"Look, my tongue is blue!" (It wasn't; her ice cream was yellow, but the sun spot on this picture actually does make it look kind of blue)
This giant ice cream cone is the trash can.

So, to recap: this week we've been crazy busy moving in. There are a couple posts on the way, specifically one about our bathroom redo and also one about redoing the deck. I'll get them up once the projects are all finished and pictures are taken, haha! In a week or two I'll also be able to post a lot more pictures of all the rooms the house, once we get a little bit more settled in.

So that was our week! :)

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